Freedom to Read Week is one of the most noteworthy events observed by the people living in Canada. It is a kind of weekly event that Canadians generally observe in the month of February every year. The core objective of this event is to encourage the people across the nation to think about their pledge to intellectual freedom. Freedom to Read Week is also known as FTRW. If we talk about the history of the Freedom to Read Week, you will get to know it was started almost 35 or 36 years ago. It was the Freedom of Expression Committee that started this event. The Freedom of Expression Committee was established in response to the challenges that Margaret Laurence faced after the publication of her book, The Diviners. She spoke out against the book’s censorship in high schools. In addition to this, she also gave importance to the ‘skilled’ reading.

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

George Orwell

Know More About The Freedom To Read Week

Toronto Public Library plays a very important role during the Freedom to Read Week. The library celebrates this Week by encouraging the Canadians so that they can start thinking about the pledge to intellectual freedom as well as privacy protection. Toronto Public Library provides universal access to the opinions, ideas, and knowledge of the people. These are the real forces for democracy. According to a report, almost 70% of people living in Toronto use this library on a regular basis. Every year, they borrow more than 30 to 35 million items. Moreover, they attend various programs through which people get uncensored access to various opinions, beliefs and topics. If we talk about the fundamental right of all Canadians, Freedom of expression is one of them. Freedom to read and freedom of expression are inextricably related to each other.

Book And Periodical Council And Freedom To Read Week

Well, if you want to know more about the Freedom to Read Week, you cannot skip the Book and Periodical Council. It is also known as BPC. The Book and Periodical Council organizes the Freedom to Read Week. The Book and Periodical Council is the umbrella organization that is an inextricable part of the Canadian association. The members of this association are involved with translating, editing, writing, marketing, lending, distributing, producing, publishing and many more.

The Book and Periodical Council is also known as BPC has its own Freedom of Expression Committee. The Freedom of Expression Committee of Book and Periodical Council basically monitors the issues closely associated with censorship in Canada. The committee conducts the annual Freedom to Read Week. Apart from this, every year, the Freedom of Expression Committee produces an information kit that lets the people know about the issues of intellectual freedom. The names of some of the Committee members are as follows:

  • Marg Anne Morrison
  • Ron Brown
  • Michelle Arbuckle
  • Mark Leiren
  • Emma Hunter
  • Phil Dwyer
  • Lisa Williams

Benefits Of Reading And The Freedom To Read Week

Well, people are moving towards the technologically rich era where they are gradually forgetting the importance of reading. Amid this situation, the fundraisers and non-profit organizations should come forward to let people know about the benefits of reading. The present situation is not good for conducting an offline drive. But, the fundraisers can host online campaigns and invite people to join the program. They can teach people about the advantages of reading using the virtual platform. In addition to this, they can also organize fundraising drives using online fundraising websites. If they are raising money for any organization during Freedom to Read Week, they should mention the name of the organization. The fundraiser can encourage people to make a donation through the crowdfunding sites for nonprofits. Anyway, we have added some advantages of reading here. So, don’t miss to have a look at the following points:

Reading Can Actually Strengthen Your Brain

Well, you will feel happy to know that reading can actually strengthen your brain. There is a complicated network of signals and circuits in our brain. As your reading skill develops, these networks become more sophisticated and stronger.

Easily Understand The Feelings Of Others

Understanding the feeling of others is something that everybody wants. Well, you can actually develop this skill through reading. According to research, people who love reading stories and fiction can easily understand the feelings of others. Therefore, you can improve the ability to show empathy.

Prevent Cognitive Issues Such As Alzheimer’s

Well, Alzheimer’s is one of the age-related cognitive diseases. We have already covered Alzheimer’s awareness. You can go through it. Anyway, reading can prevent various age-related cognitive problems. If you keep reading magazines and books, it will make your brain more engaged and active.

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