Passover is, no doubt, one of the most important events in the dynamic ecosystem of Judaism. If we talk about the major Jewish holidays, Passover is indisputably one of them. Well, this event generally occurs during the spring and people associated with this Judaism culture observe this event on the day of 15 as per the Jewish Calendar. This is also Hebrew Calendar. Passover is considered as a major festival among the Three Pilgrimage Festivals.

There are as many festivals as there are mosquitoes after a rain. 

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The other two festivals are Sukkot and Shavuot. Jews in the Israeli Land observe this event for 7 days. But, if we see the matter from the perspective of yom tov sheni that is one of the major concepts or thoughts in halakha, we will get to know that Jews across the globe also celebrate this day for eight days. However, it is completely based on the Diaspora that has a close association with the concept of the fundamentals of yom tov sheni. It is also known as yom tov sheni shel galuyot.

Well, as per the Bible, we get a concrete meaning of Passover. It actually indicates the Exodus of the Israeli children from the ecosystem of Egyptian slavery. Well, it was in the last phase of ten plagues when God actually disregarded the abodes of the Israelites. It is the time when Passover sacrifice took place. People on the first night of Passover eat the Passover lamb with matzo and herbs. Passover lamb is also called Passover Sacrifice.

Passover Seder

If we talk about the rituals in the ecosystem of Judaism, we must talk about the Passover Seder. It is the most extensively celebrated ritual. It actually indicates the beginning of the Passover in Judaism or Jewish Holidays. People associated with this culture observe this day on the day of 15 as per the Hebrew calendar. Unlike others, Hebrew day generally starts at the sunset. The day occurs in the last phase of March as per the Gregorian calendar. The duration of Passover Seder is seven days in the Israeli land and if we talk about the duration of this festival outside the Israeli land, people generally observe it for 8 days. Talking about the Seder, it is a kind of storytelling ritual that is mainly performed by a specific community. They tell the story regarding the expulsion of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

 Origin Of Passover

It is very important to know the origin of Passover. People associated with this culture believe that this Passover derived from the idea of the apotropaic rite and it has no relation with the Exodus. Anyway, if we talk about the apotropaic rite, it actually ensures the protection of families. It is a kind of ceremonial that is observed within a clan. Hyssop that is a kind of shrub is added to the blood of slaughtered sheep. It purifies the blood and then, they sprinkle it on the door and lintels in order to ensure that demons could not enter.

Know More About This Event

In Judaism, Passover is called Pesach whereas, in Hebrew, they call it Pesah. As per the Hebrew Calendar, it started on the day of 15 as per the Nisan month and ends on the 22nd. However, it actually ends on the 21st in the lands of Israel. During these seven or eight days, they do not eat any leavened food such as bread or any kind of mixture. They only go with unleavened foods such as matzo.

It indicates the sufferings of Hebrews. Apart from this, it indicated the haste with which the Hebrews were left in Egypt during the time of Exodus. This is why people also consider the Passover as the ‘Festival of Unleavened Bread’. Generally, people celebrate this event in the last phase of March. It will be starting from 28th of March in the year of 2021 and it will end on the 4th of April, 2021. On the first night of this Passover event, people indulge themselves in various ceremonial activities. They engage themselves in a family meal. Another name of this meal is Seder.

Role Of Fundraisers On Passover

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