Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is one of the most important events in Canadian history. Well, people across the country observe this Canadian Agricultural Safety Week in the month of March. There are different types of risks inextricably associated with farming. During this week, people come forward to encourage the Canadian farmers in order to celebrate strong and safe farming. Farmers, agricultural workers, animal handlers, crop growers, and ranchers are playing an important role in the growth of the nation. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the ultimate safety for them.

A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handy man with a sense of humus.

E.B. White

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association And Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Well, Canadian Agricultural Safety Week has a very close association with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association. It is also known as CASA. It is the CASA that delivered this week. They have full support from the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Thus, the Government of Canada assists the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association through the CAP or Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

If we specifically talk about the operation of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, it leads, develops, and co-ordinates the national initiatives in order to help the farmers. Along with the farmers, this organization also helps their families and other workers closely associated with agriculture. The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association assists them so that these workers can easily recognize the risk factors associated with the farming. Apart from this, this organization trains them so that these workers can easily manage the overall safety risks.

Canadian Agricultural partnership that is a kind of territorial, provincial and federal initiative financially assists the CASA or the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association. Apart from this, the CASA also gets additional financial support from the corporate and agricultural sectors.

Different Programs Organized By The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association or CASA always wants to bring a positive change in culture. But, bringing change in culture is not as easy as it sounds. This organization helps the workers or producers so that they can easily see the risks and manage the risks in the sphere of agriculture. Apart from the Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, this organization conducts various other programs. These are as follows:

  • Safety Days for Children
  • Machinery Safety
  • Injury Reporting
  • Grain Safety
  • Annual Farm Safety Conference

Well, we must admit the fact that knowledge is the ultimate power, and therefore, this organization provides training in both modes- custom and in-person.

Ontario Federation Of Agriculture And Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Well, when it comes to observing the Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, we must talk about the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Ontario Federation of Agriculture is also known as OFA. It is one of the largest general farm organizations located in Ontario. Across the province, this farm is representing almost 38,000 farmer’s families.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture is working to represent the dynamic aspect of the rural communities and agri-food sector in Ontario. Talking about the works of this organization, it basically includes media relations, community representation, lobby efforts, research, and development of farm policy, government relations and many more.

Know More About The Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is one of the most vital events and so, it is very important to get familiar with the vital aspects closely associated with this Canadian weekly event. Thus, it is a kind of public campaign that gives preference to agricultural importance. Thus, the foremost aim of this public campaign is to authorize farming communities, farm families, and farmers. If we talk about the year 2020, this important objective of this week was to support the farming communities, farm families and farmers through providing adequate resources.

Health And Safety Issues For The Farming Communities

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week promotes safe farming. Therefore, it very important to know about the health and safety issues for the farming communities. We have elaborated it below:

Chemical Hazards

  • Explosion and fire hazards
  • Exposure to harmful gases
  • Exposure to harmful products such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, antifreeze, lubricants, fuel and many more

Biological Hazards

  • Exposure to various animal diseases
  • Risk of lung disorders
  • Needlestick

Psychological Hazards

  • Working alone
  • Stress

Physical hazards

  • UV Radiation
  • Hearing issue due to the exposure to the high-frequency noise

Role Of Fundraisers On Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Although it is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, the fundraisers can do a lot of things. Well, they can educate farmers through conducting various campaigns. Apart from this, the fundraisers can use the top fundraising platforms in order to raise money. Thus, they can help the farmers or the organizations that are working for farmers through this donation amount. Many online fundraising sites are helping the fundraisers in the process of organizing fundraising campaigns.

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