Did you know that deaf-blind people generally experience more complicated situations than people living with vision-loss only or hearing-loss only? If we explain the term ‘deaf-blind’ from the Deaf-Blind Awareness Month, it basically refers to those people who are living with hearing as well as vision loss. One can become deaf-blind at any age; even one can have this problem since birth.

Know me for my abilities, not my disability.

Robert M. Hensel

The general causes include family genetics, injury, and illness. The greatest problems that these people face have a close association with mobility and communication. Particularly, communication barriers can lead them to loneliness and isolation. You might be shocked to know that deaf-blind people across the globe are holding some responsible positions in various challenging fields. Unfortunately, the job opportunities are very limited for them. Anyway, you might be thinking about why we are covering the general information of deaf-blind people. Well, here, we will be letting you know about the importance of Deaf-Blind Awareness Month.

Why You Need To Focus On Deaf-Blind Awareness Month

Deaf-blindness is a kind of unique disability. Almost one in 3000 are deaf-blind in Canada. People across the nation observe the Deaf-Blind Awareness Month in June. This is the month when organizations provide various services for people living with deaf-blindness. Most of us can receive information through our ears and eyes. We generally take this for granted. But, there are people who do not have this luxury.

People observe this event in the month of June because it is the birth month of the famous person, Helen Keller. She was deaf-blind but she did not keep her in isolation for this disability. She had a life of advocacy and vision. Her intervenor played a very important role in eliminating the communication barriers. Helen Keller had faced a lot of problems throughout her life. It is those achievements and actions that made Helen Keller the powerful symbol of triumph over the adversity.

Most people know the story of Helen Keller. Unfortunately, the present situation is not suitable for deafblind people. The main reasons are:

  • Limited intervenor choice and hours
  • Limited funding in intervenor services
  • Lack of awareness

Now, Deaf-Blind Awareness Month is important because it is giving an opportunity to build awareness among people about the experience that the deafblind people in Canada are facing. There are many organizations that are working to improve the intervenor service. Anyway, they need more help and therefore, individuals and other organizations should step forward.

Know More About Deafblindness In The Deaf-Blind Awareness Month

As we are highlighting the importance of Deaf-Blind Awareness Month, we should also let people know about the important aspects of deafblindness. It is the combination of hearing and sight loss that can affect one’s ability to get around, access information, and communicate. This is also called multi-sensory impairment. Generally, a deafblind person is not totally blind and totally deaf. Well, these sensory organs are damaged to a certain extent that it causes various difficulties and complications in daily life.

There are some common signs of deafblindness. Here, we have added them:

  • Face difficulties in following a conversation
  • Need to turn up the sound on radio or television
  • Asking other people to speak clearly, slowly, and loudly
  • Difficulties in moving around in the unfamiliar places

The causes of deafblindness are as follows:

  • Age-related hearing issues
  • Usher Syndrome- it is a kind of genetic condition
  • Infection in the womb
  • Problem with the nervous system and brain. It basically affects coordination and movement.
  • Eye problems such as cataracts

Interacting With Deaf-Blind People

It is very important to know how you can interact with deaf-blind people. One of the key objectives of Deaf-Blind Awareness Month is to raise awareness among general people about deafblindness. This is why, here, we have added certain ways through which you can interact with deaf-blind people.

  • In order to get the attention of a deaf-blind person, you can gently touch the arm and shoulder of that person in public.
  • There are various ways through which one can communicate with deaf persons and blind persons. You can learn those methods. It will be effective for you while communicating with a deaf-blind person.
  • You should always express yourself using a natural tone. If you make your gestures exaggerating, it will create confusion.

Observe The Deaf-Blind Awareness Month

Deaf-blind people mostly feel uncomfortable disclosing their unique disabilities. They feel isolated in most situations. It happens due to the lack of awareness in general people. In this Deaf-Blind Awareness Month, you can start an awareness campaign to let people know that deaf-blind people deserve all the things that a normal person does. Therefore, they can even make a positive contribution to the communities; they can live their lives fully. As an individual, you can use online platforms to spread awareness. Or, you can encourage your local community.

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