Family Literacy Day is observed every year in the month of January. People observe this on the 27th of January every year. Well, it is the ABC Life Literacy Canada that developed the Family Literacy Day in 1999. The main objective of this program is to promote reading activities among children and adults. Well, under this program, the families in Canada are asked to read at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes a day. They will have to read daily with the children. When children see their parents or elders reading, it will actually motivate them. In the end, they will have a better future. Moreover, these activities build a strong foundation for children.

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Family Literacy Day

Well, Family Literacy Day basically focuses on the grandparents, parents, and other family members of the family. On this day, the fundraisers organize several activities through which they develop the writing skill as well as the reading skill of the whole family. Apart from these, senior family members in Canada observe this with their kids. When the elder members of the family study with the kids, the reading activity becomes more engaging. It is a national event.

Moreover, the families in Canada observe this day by organizing various reading activities. Well, when you are reading together, you are actually making the bonding stronger. Yes, such reading activities make the family bonding stronger. The kids in families get a lifelong lesson. It is a fact that a child can never get an all-round development if his or her family members do not understand the value of reading. A child cannot become successful without a proper foundation and adult support.

Statistics Associated With Family Literacy Day

Well, there are various statistics that are inextricably associated with Family Literacy Day. We have added some of them below:

  • Well, children spend more time reading when parents get engaged. This is five times better than they spend in school or in the playground. It actually enhances the overall reading skill of the children.
  • The parents engaged in reading activities score better in the standardized reading tests.
  • Well, the reading activities organized on Family Literacy Day plays a very impactful role upon the mind of the children.
  • Well, the academic success of the children relies on the reading skill of the parents. You might be surprised to know that it is more effective than other factors such as family income, and many more.
  • Well, kids follow their elders. Therefore, the reading habits of the parents set the reading skill of the children. According to a survey, the parents of frequent readers go through 6 to 7 books per week. On the other side, the parents of the infrequent readers do not show such a result.
  • Low-literate parents can hamper the learning skill of the kids. Kids who have low-literate parents do not have a strong vocabulary. Therefore, when they get admitted to the kindergarten, the teachers notice a huge skill gap among the students. Students coming from a literate family perform far better than those students.
  • Almost 40% to 45% of young people in Canada do not have proper literacy skills. Therefore, Family Literacy Day plays a very important role.

ABC Life Literacy Canada

When we are talking about Family Literacy Day, we cannot skip the ABC life Literacy Canada. It is basically a non-profit organization that is working to strengthen adult education. The organization develops various resources and study materials that actually promote the dynamic ecosystem of adult education. Well, the organization delivers resources and materials inextricably associated with the high-quality introductory learning process. The organization ensures that everyone in Canada gets access to the tools through which they can improve their essential skills. Thus, the rate of literacy will be improved.

Family Literacy Activities On Family Literacy Day

Well, there are various family literacy activities that you can organize on Family Literacy Day. These are as follows:

  • Pretending Polar Bear is one of the funny as well as entertaining activities that actually enhances the imaginative skills of the participants.
  • Well, if you are looking for a chase game, you can go with the Polar Bear Chase Game.
  • Snowstorm Drawing is another interesting game that can also improve the imagination and learning skills.

Role of Fundraisers

Well, the fundraisers play a very important role in this Family Literacy Day. They organize a fundraising program with the help of fundraising donation sites. Moreover, there are many individual fundraisers that are organizing an online charity program through the best personal fundraising sites. They donate this money to the organizations that are working hard to promote adult education.

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