Fundraiser story can make the fundraising campaign successful. If you are into a crowdfunding campaign, you will understand that the storytelling method plays the most important role. The entire success of the campaign depends upon the way you are presenting the story. If you are cutting corners, you will not get a good amount of donations through your fundraising campaign. The potential donors always give preference to honesty. If you are implementing a courageous and honest storytelling method, the donors will definitely make a donation to the charity. If you look at the successful fundraisers, you will see that they always display the truth in their stories. Moreover, they always try to keep it as precise as possible. Thus, they turn the website visitors into sharers and active donors.

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Abraham Lincoln

If you are fresh in this ecosystem, you will find difficulties in the beginning. Most beginner fundraisers do not know how to depict the fundraiser story. Instead of improving the storytelling method, they always try to focus on convincing the donors. This is where they do the mistake. We at Werbylo believe that every beginner fundraiser can make a solid contribution to the community. But, they need proper guidance. They must know the technique through which they can elaborate the fundraising story perfectly. This is the only way through which they can make their first fundraising campaign successful. So, if you are an amateur in this ecosystem, you are in the proper place. Here, we are going to tell you how you can deliver the fundraiser story more effectively.

Fundraiser Story Writing Tips

When it comes to writing a fundraiser story, you will have to show your creativity. However, you will have to blend your creativity with honesty and precise words. Here, we have added some tips that will definitely help you to make your fundraising story more appealing.

  • First of all, you will have to break the story into paragraphs. Along with it, you will have to add bullet points. It will help the visitors to understand the story easily.
  • Every fundraiser story must have some important point. So, if you will have to decorate your story in such a way so that the visitors can notice those important points. You can highlight those important points in yellow colour. Moreover, you can underline those points or make them bold and italicize.
  • The beginner fundraisers will have to be direct and honest to their supporters. Therefore, they will have to explain the story from the core of their heart. In addition to this, you will have to mention the cause of your crowdfunding or fundraising campaign. If you do not mention the cause clearly, the donor will not pay a single penny.
  • You will have to set a target. Therefore, you will need to let your donors know how much you want. Moreover, you will have to tell them how this money will be used.
  • You can use nonprofit fundraising websites to tell your story. In such a case, you will have the option to make your fundraising story more attractive. Yes, you can add videos and pictures. These will make the connection stronger. Ultimately, you will be able to create a strong sentiment of trust.

Structure Of The Fundraiser Story

Well, the structure matters the most. If it does not look appealing, you will end up like a failed warrior. You can use donation websites for fundraising to enhance the reach of your campaign. But, in the end, the structure of your story will be the deciding factor. We have some tips regarding the structure. So, don’t skip the following points.

Give Your Fundraiser Story A Strong Beginning

You will have to give a strong beginning to your fundraiser story. Otherwise, the donors will never go through the important parts. The introduction of the protagonist must be in the beginning. You can add some potential characteristics that the donors or the visitors can easily identify with.

Create A Strong Point Of Tension

Every successful fundraiser story has a strong point of tension. Your story must not be an exception. A point of tension indicates the point of the story where you will reveal the core objective of your mission. You will have to make it precise yet attractive. You can put this part at the end of your fundraising story.

Fundraiser Story Must Have A Perfect End

A fundraiser story will be considered incomplete if it does not have a proper end. The point of tension will help you to make the end of the story stronger. But, it will not be the last part. In the end, you will have to let your donors know why they should be a part of your organization. You can also add how the funding will be utilized in the future.

Not A Werbylo User?

By that time, you have understood how you can make your fundraiser story perfect. Now, if you are looking for a platform where you can publish your story, you can use Werbylo. The watchword of this platform is- ‘We rise by lifting others’. It is one of the best fundraising sites for nonprofits.

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