The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared 18th December as International Migrants Day on 4th December 2000, recognizing the enormous and growing number of migrants around the world. Migration is a brave expression of an individual’s will to overcome adversity and live a better life. Globalization, combined with advancements in communications and transportation, has significantly increased the number of individuals’ desire and ability to relocate.

In today’s society, migration is gaining growing attention. Hundreds of thousands of people migrate from one country to another every year. Many individuals migrate out of choice, while others migrate out of necessity. Language barriers, poverty, employment, discrimination, and lack of adequate housing are the significant issues migrants face. Additionally, Migrants often have a hard time getting financial aid and healthcare. Continue reading this article on International Migrants Day to learn in detail about the Migrants life and their challenges.

Types of Migration

Migration falls into six categories:

  • Internal migration
  • External migration
  • Immigration
  • Emigration
  • Seasonal migration
  • Return Migration

Why is International Migrations Day important?

Some of the world’s most developed economies rely on migrant workers to fill positions their own inhabitants are unwilling to take because of poor pay. This is primarily because younger generations are getting more educated and seeking higher-paying professions. As a result, there is significant evidence that migration benefits both the host and the origin countries. Similarly, migrants and their families benefit financially and socially from international migration.

International migrants’ salaries and the extra income they send home (remittances) are the second most significant source of capital for developing countries. Migration is necessary for skill transfer and provides vital innovation for global growth. International migrants also play an important role in diversifying the social fabric of our countries.

Any region, at any time, could be affected by the migratory crisis. On a personal level, everyone must do their part to make sure that proper mechanisms for welcoming migrants and refugees are in place. Moreover, every person’s life is valuable, and their dignity and rights must be protected at all costs. It is critical that humanitarian measures are made to validate that no migrant is left behind.

Challenges International Migrants Deal with:

Before COVID-19, migrant laborers in Canada experienced racism, exploitation, and abuse. The pandemic has thrown a bright light on how Canadian immigration policy puts migrant workers’ lives in jeopardy and denies them basic labor rights. The nation’s unstable working and living conditions have disproportionately hurt migrant workers. Moreover, the pandemic has had a substantially negative impact on the ability of refugees and migrants to support themselves. According to the International Organization for Migration, an estimated 2.7 million international migrants were affected within the first few months of the pandemic.

Over 272 million people have left their home countries and have become migrants, including almost 26 million refugees. These growing numbers reflect the underlying injustices behind the global migration crisis. Global inequality, unemployment, corruption, and poverty are only a few among them. On International Migrants Day we renew our commitment to building a better world. To a world where migrants do not face exploitation because of their precarious immigration status, and everyone has dignity, respect, and opportunity.

How to observe International Migrants Day?

  • Migrants and refugees continue to confront significant challenges in adapting to new environments in modern times.
  • Learn more about the issues they confront and what the UN and other powerful organizations are doing to address them on this International Migrants Day.
  • Moreover, many organizations are accepting donations to help with the world’s ongoing refugee problem. Every tiny contribution can have a big impact on the people who receive it.

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