Safer Internet Day is one of the most salient events observed by people across the globe. People observe this day to spread awareness about internet security. We are living in a time where the internet is playing a vital role in our lives. After the emergence of this crazy COVID-19 situation, people are spending most of their time on the internet. Internet is something that is helping different sectors across the globe. It is changing the world in a diverse way. With the help of the internet, we can make virtual connections with other people. However, the internet has positive as well as negative sides.

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.

Mitch Kapor

Our personal information is being exposed while we are using the internet. It actually happens unknowingly. Or, it might happen if you do not know how to use the internet properly. On this Safer Internet Day, organizations come forward to aware people about internet safety. Internet is a thing that can give you an advantage as well as disadvantage. In the end, the entire matter depends upon how you are using it.

Know More About The Safer Internet Day

The main theme of the Safer Internet Day is – “Together For A Better Internet”. The day brings a golden opportunity for the non-profit organizations and other institutions so that they can give much emphasis on the conversation regarding the responsible and safe use of the technology. The day actually allows the organizations to organize various activities through which they can create a safer and secure internet for the next generation.

Aim And Objective Of The Safer Internet Day

The foremost aim, as well as objective of the Safer Internet Day, is to conduct a national conversation regarding the use of technology respectfully, responsibly, creatively, and critically. Hundreds of organizations get involved. They promote the positive, responsible, and safe use of the internet for the young generation and the children. On this particular day, organizations give importance to the good implementation of technology. They also explore the role that an individual can play in the process of creating a safer and better online community. There are organizations that invite the young generation, carers, social workers, teachers, parents, companies, wider, policymakers, law enforcement. Thus, they can actually help society to create a better and advanced internet.

UK Safer Internet Centre And The Safer Internet Day

Well, when it comes to knowing the important elements inextricably connected with the Safer Internet Day, you must know about the UK Safer Internet Centre. The UK Safer Internet Centre is a kind of non-profit organization that is funded by the CEF. CEF is also known as the Connecting Europe Facility. It is a program that is an extricable body of the European Commission. The UK Safer Internet Centre works hard for developing a better internet for the next generation. The organization has Hotline, Helpline, and Awareness Centre.

  • Hotline: Well, it is one of the important aspects of this organization. It is basically a safe place where people can anonymously report child abusive videos and images. If you are an internet user and you get such content on the internet, you will be able to report anonymously on this hotline number. Thus, you will be able to help the organization to remove abusive content from the internet.
  • Helpline: Well, the helpline number is there to help professionals who are actually working with young people and children regarding the implementation of online safety measures.
  • Awareness Centre: Awareness centers are designed in such a way so that it can provide support and advice to young people and children, carers, parents, and other organizations that have been using the internet on a daily basis.

How You Can Safely Use the Internet?

Well, there are certain ways through which one can safely use the internet. We have added some of them below:

  • The users will have to use strong passwords.
  • One can rename their networks and routers.
  • One will have to keep everything updated.
  • Start using multiple firewalls.
  • Turn the encryption mode on.
  • Always use VPN in order to keep your private data safe.

Thus, one can safely use internet.

Fundraisers Should Come Forward To Spread The Awareness

Fundraisers should come forward on Safer Internet Day in order to spread awareness. Well, it is a fact that the present situation is good for organizing an offline fundraising drive. Therefore, the fundraisers can organize various online programs with the help of online fundraising websites. People can also make a donation to the organizations that are working for making the world a better place for everyone. In this critical situation, people can donate to the organization or charity using the online donation software.

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