Donor management software is one of the fruitful outcomes of technology. Standing in the 21st century, it is very important to utilize technology properly. If you are a fundraiser, you must have the details of the potential donors. Well, it is a very huge data and without having an online donor management software, you cannot keep it in the good shape. A donor management software helps the fundraisers to track the donations and along with it, it also helps them to manage the donor data more effectively. Ultimately, it helps them to understand the donors.

Say Thank You To The Potential Donors

Well, after the arrival of COVID-19, man non-profit organizations are organizing fundraising campaigns to collect donations. Donors across the globe are actively participating in this charity. If we talk about the past, a fundraising campaign was conducted offline. But, with the advancement of technology, it has become online. Nowadays, you will find various funding websites for nonprofits through which you can organize a fundraising campaign. However, when it comes to conducting a fundraising campaign, one question will definitely titillate the mind of the fundraisers and this is about attracting new donors. Yes, you have heard it right. We have advanced technology and therefore, we have got various tools such as donor database software, church giving software, and many more. However, attracting new donors is always considered a challenging task in this particular field.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

There are various ways through which you can attract new donors. But, giving importance to the existing donors is as important as attracting new donors. Here, we will specifically talk about how you can retain the existing donors. Fortunately, there are several ways through which you can do this. But, among them, sending a thank you message to the potential donors is very effective.

Ways To Send Thank You Through Donor Management Software

There are different ways through which you can send thank you to your existing donors. If you are using any sort of donor database software, you are actually keeping yourself ahead of others. Here, we have added how you can send thank you a message to the donors. So, if you want to raise a good amount of donations, you must go through the following points:

Send Custom GIF To The Donors

A GIF is basically a kind of animated picture. If you want to create a strong emotional impact, you can go with this way. With the help of the donor management system, you will get the details of the donors such as name. On the basis of it, you can make an attractive and animated GIF for the donors. After that, you can share it on social networking websites. You can even attach a thank you message to it in order to make it more attractive. Thus, your organization can create a strong impression on the minds of the existing donors.

Make A Personalized Playlist With The Help Of The Donor Management Software

For the donors, you can create custom donation forms where the donors can share some of their personal information such as their favourite songs or singers. Well, you can track this information very easily with the help of donor management software. Now, on the basis of this information, you can create a personalized playlist for the existing donors. You can use any music streaming site to create a customized playlist. After creating this, you can share it with the donors. In addition to this, you can also send a thank you message for their kind gesture.

Tree Plantation

It is one of the best ways to say thank you to your potential donors. Depending upon the number of donors made a donation to your organization, you can start planting a tree. Well, the donor management software will let you know the number of donors made a donation to your organization. You can also let your donors know that a small part of the donations will be used for tree plantations. It will definitely attract more donors as they will get a chance to make an active contribution to keeping the environment safe.

Make A Short Thank You Video And Post It On Social Media

Well, you can make a short thank you video for the donors. After that, you can publish it on popular social networking sites such as Snapchat. It is one of the best ways to showcase the donors who have played an important role to make your fundraising campaign successful.

Send Them Handmade Thank You Gifts

Well, you can send handmade thank you gifts to the donors. You will get the address of your existing donors from the donor management software. After that, you can make customized handmade gifts for the donors and send them through courier. You can send them personally as a personal appearance will create a solid impression. But, depending upon the size of your organization, you could take this decision. Delivering gifts personally to every donor is really a difficult task. However, you can send them a message through voicemail after sending gifts.

Send Thank You Emails

Well, sending thank you mail is another great way through which you can make a good impression upon the existing donors. You can add an email field while making the custom donation form. With the help of the donor management software, you can easily manage the details of the donors. From there, you will get the emails. After that, you should send them a thank you message in their emails. You can also add how their donations are bringing a positive change in the community. It will definitely inspire them to make more donations. The chance of getting donations from the existing donors for your next fundraising campaign gets increased.

Don’t Forget To Offer Your Help

Well, if you are getting a chance to pay it forward, you should not miss it. If the community of the donors is arranging a fundraising campaign, you should definitely help them. You can help them by making a good amount of donations. If you cannot help them financially, you will not have to worry. The members of your team can join them as a volunteer. You can share their fundraising campaign on your social networking sites. Thus, they will get more donors or you can send the details of this fundraising campaign to your existing donors. You can ask them to make a donation.

Shout-Out On Social Media Through Donor Management Software

A simple shout out on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more will create a solid impression. It is a great way to bring them into the spotlight. Ultimately, it will definitely make a good impression upon them. They will feel motivated and therefore, they can become the recurring donors of your organization.

Show Gratitude With Facebook Live Video

Well, a Facebook live video can play a very impactful role. Your organization can start a live video on Facebook where you can show your gratitude. You can tell them how their donations are making a positive change in the world. You can also let them know about the future plan of your organization.

Make Videos For Individual

Each and every donor is important for your organization and therefore, you should thank them individually. Well, you can make individual videos for all the supporters. After that, you can send them directly. You can send them through emails or you can directly send them through a social networking site.

Donor Management Software Helps To Understand The Donors

Well, if you don’t have donor management software, you cannot do these things easily. The donor management software actually helps you to understand the donor. You will be able to know the mindset of the individual donor. Depending upon this, you can make plans to send them to thank you messages. You will get all the details of the donor under one roof. It will improve the relationship and ultimately, this software will improve the donor lifecycle.

Choose The Best Donor Management Software

Well, if you do not choose the best online giving platform, you will not achieve the desired outcome. If we consider the present situation, you will get various platforms through which you can raise money for charity. But, among them, Werbylo is the best. We believe that we rise by lifting others. At Werbylo, we always give preference to our customers. Therefore, if you are a fundraiser, you should choose this platform.

The best part of Werbylo is that it allows the fundraisers to create customized campaigns. It also allows the fundraisers to track the donations from the donors. There are no monthly fees, no contract, and no hidden fee. At Werbylo, the fundraisers will get a pay-as-you-go pricing structure that actually helps them to conduct the fundraising campaign smoothly. Moreover, advanced donor management software makes everything easier. With the help of this, you will be able to attract more donors to your current network. You can easily grow the donor base and for this, you will not have to pay any extra cost.

By now, you have probably understood the importance of donor management software. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Werbylo as early as possible.

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