Online giving platforms are one of the best ways through which you can help the churches. Well, we are living in the modern era where people are following a hectic schedule. However, after the arrival of COVID-19, the lifestyle of the people gets changed drastically. People across the globe have lost jobs due to this pandemic situation. Life has become miserable for everyone. However, amid this critical situation, churches are trying their best to fulfil the growing needs of the communities across the nation. It does not matter what your need is, you will always get help from the churches.

Online giving platforms are helping the fundraisers. If we consider the present situation, the churches are not getting enough donations. The main reason behind it is the coronavirus pandemic. After the arrival of this pandemic situation, people are following the rules set by the government. They are following social distancing and some parts of the worlds are still following the lockdown rules. The flexibilities in transportation have been reduced. Amid this situation, delivering in-person services to churches have become very difficult.

Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away.

Elbert Hubbard

Church Leaders Should Come Forward And Use Online Giving Platforms

The situation is not favourable for raising offline fundraising campaign. Therefore, church leaders must come forward with some innovative ideas. Moreover, potential donors should actively participate in charity. You might be surprised to know that the church donation is gradually decreasing. According to a survey, members generally give 4% to 5% of their total income. But, after the coronavirus, the situation gets changed drastically. According to recent research, almost 50% to 55% of members are not giving anything. Well, the individual economic downfall is not the only reason. There are many more reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • After the arrival of this pandemic situation, most members are unable to visit the churches. Therefore, they cannot participate in the offline fundraising campaign. They are not getting opportunities to support the churches economically.
  • Almost 60% of churches are not using fundraising campaign websites. Therefore, they are not enabling enough options for donors. Ultimately, they are not receiving enough donations from donors.

We are living in the technologically advanced era and so, the church leaders must use the online charity crowdfunding sites to increase the reach of the churches. Thus, they will be able to make a connection with more people. Eventually, it will increase the number of online donors.

What Church Leaders Are Saying

Well, raising money through a fundraising campaign is not as easy as it sounds. There are certain factors that can make or break the deal. However, considering the present situation where most donors are giving preference to online donation, online giving platforms are playing an important role. But, before getting into how online giving platform can help the churches, you must know what church leaders are saying. We have highlighted some points here. So, have a look at the following points:

Need To Increase The Church Donation

Increasing the church donation is one of the best ways to support the church financially. Church leaders are also saying the same. Therefore, they must work to increase the donation. Amid this critical situation where everything is getting an online shape, the church must not be an exception. The church leaders can start their customized online fundraising campaign through church giving platforms. Thus, they will be able to fulfil the growing needs of the churches.

Enhance The Average Donations

Enhancing the average donations is another important thing. Therefore, the church leaders must work onto it. However, church donation software can help leaders in this regard. Top online giving platforms like Werbylo provide advanced church giving software. According to research, online giving habit or online donation habit is far better than offline donations. It basically increases the average donation amount. So, if your non-profit organization is not using any online tool to raise money for the churches, it is the high time to start doing this. Otherwise, the church leaders will not be able to generate enough revenue for the churches.

Need To Increase The Overall Donor Base

Another important thing that church leaders must do is to increase the overall donor base. Yes, you have heard it right. It is very important to give importance and show gratitude to the existing donors. But, along with it, the fundraisers will have to work hard to attract more donors. Well, the popular non-profit organizations have large networks and therefore, for them, it might not be so difficult. But, if you have a very small organization, you will not have to worry. Fortunately, you can increase the overall donor base with the help of the online giving platforms.

Some Online Giving Solutions

Well, there are several solutions that churches must implement within their communities. Some of them are as follows:

Make Custom Donation Form With The Help Of Online Giving Platforms

Well, making a custom online donation form can help the church to attract more donors. Moreover, they will be able to know more about them. The donation form must include name, address, phone number, personal interest sections. Some of these sections can be optional. But, they must be included. It will increase user engagement. The organization can send thank you message to the donors. They can also let them know how their donations are being implemented. It will definitely inspire them. Moreover, they can become recurring donors of your organization. In such a case, you will receive donations every year. However, you will have to maintain your relationship with them.

Start Using Giving Kiosk

Well, the 21st century is considered technologically advanced era. Amid this situation, the donors are giving preference to debit card and credit card transaction. Moreover, after the arrival of COVID-19, the donors are making cashless donations. Therefore, it is very important to have a digital giving kiosk by your side. It can accept all forms of payments such as credit card payments, debit card payments, wallet payments and many more. The churchgoers can swipe their cards and make an instant donation.

Use Church Mobile Fundraising App

Well, churches should start using mobile fundraising application. It actually enhances the flexibilities and along with it, it also provides a positive shape to the church branding. The donors can make a donation without visiting the church. The donation amount will be deposited in the account of the church. The fundraisers can track each and every donation made by the potential donors. Well, the best online fundraising platforms such as Werbylo takes maximum one business day to deposit the donation amount. You can go with this online giving platform.

Reasons Church Should Give Preference To Online Giving Platforms

The popularity of online fundraising campaign is increasing day by day. It has also got a political touch. However, the success rate of an online campaign is better than the offline fundraising campaign. Therefore, many non-profit organizations have started using online giving platforms to raise money. There are many churches that have recently started using such platforms. However, if your church is still thinking about online giving platforms, they are actually wasting valuable time. It is the high time that churches should start using online giving platforms. It can bring endless advantages. Some of them are as follows:

People Do Not Carry Cash Nowadays

Well, it is the era of credit card and debit card transaction. Therefore, people are carrying credit cards and debit cards instead of cash. So, if you are church is still following the traditional ways of raising revenue, they are actually making a big mistake. The online giving platforms allow the church to accept donations online. Moreover, the churchgoers can make an online donation in the church. They will not have to carry cash just to make a donation. Moreover, the process is instant and therefore, the amount of the donation will be credited in the bank account in just one business day. There will be no limitations. The donors can donate as much as they want.

Well, making donations using chequebook has become outdated. People are not carrying chequebooks nowadays. So, if your church has not yet enabled online donations options, it is not going to the right directions. If you are asking the donors to use the payment methods that they have never used, you are actually creating a disagreement between their ability to give and their desire to make donation. As a result, you will not achieve fruitful outcomes. It requires discipline and dedication to surrender the hard-earned income. Therefore, the church should not make the process complicated for donors.

Choose The Best Online Giving Platform

Well, choosing the best online giving platform is necessary. If we consider the present situation, you will get various online giving platforms. But, not all of them will give you the intended result. Therefore, we will suggest you to go with Werbylo. We at Werbylo believe that we rise by lifting others. The best part of this platform is that it follows the pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

By now, you have understood the importance of online giving platforms. So, don’t just wait. Get in touch with Werbylo today.

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