Mobile fundraising app is one of the best ways to raise money for any organization. We are living in the modern era where people are following a hectic schedule. After the arrival of this coronavirus, life has become miserable. People across the globe have lost their sources of income. However, amid this situation, the churches are trying their best to fulfill the growing necessity of the communities across the globe. Unfortunately, over the course of time, churches are not getting enough donations.

If we consider the present situation, there are many potential donors who are unable to go to the church. As a result, they are unable to participate actively in the church fundraising campaign. They cannot make a donation to the charity. Amid this situation, the church leaders must come up with some innovative ideas. They should do something through which they can generate enough revenue for the church.

You cannot receive what you don’t give. Outflow determines inflow.

Eckhart Tolle

Mobile Fundraising App

Well, in this technologically advanced era, if you are conducting a fundraising campaign offline, you are actually making a big mistake. Yes, you have heard it right. The COVID-19 has made the lifestyle miserable. There are not enough flexibilities in transportation. As a result, the supporters will not be able to participate in the campaign and make a donation. The church leaders should give preference to virtual gatherings. Moreover, they should pair their church with mobile fundraising app. At present, you will get some best crowdfunding platforms for nonprofits. These platforms offer a mobile fundraising app or church giving software. You can generate revenue with the help of this application. We at Werbylo understand this very well. We also know that there are many organizations that are still thinking about the mobile fundraising app. Well, if you are still confused, you will not have to worry. Here, we are going to tell you why the churches should give preference to mobile fundraising app. So, don’t miss to have a look at the following points:

No Hidden Fee

Well, most popular donation websites issue a specific fee for using their platforms. Most of the time, they deduct the charge from the donation amount. However, it depends upon the church. They can charge this fee to the potential donors or they can simply consume this additional cost. However, when you are making such a noble effort, this must not be the issue. We at Werbylo understand this very well and therefore, you will not find any hidden fee on our website. We only offer a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. You must have a dedicated mindset for surrendering your hard-earned income. Therefore, in such a case, you will need everything in the most transparent way. The online giving website allows the church to receive donations online. The donors will also have multiple options to make a donation online. According to research, online donation platforms increase revenue by 40% to 50%. It is really an impressive figure and so, the church leaders should give preference to the mobile fundraising app.

Online Giving Platform Offers Various Option

Well, the online donation mode is not a new thing. The donors have been using the text-to-give option for a decade. But, with the advancement of technology, online platforms have received improvement. It is now offering various options to the donors. The churches can have a digital kiosk through which they can receive donations in all online forms. Yes, they can accept credit card payments, debit card payments, and many more. The churchgoers will not have to carry cash to make donations. With the help of the digital kiosk, they can make online donations in the church. It is a real-time process and the church will receive the donation amount in one business day.

Moreover, the mobile fundraising app allows donors to make a donation from anywhere. It also allows the church to track each and every donation. They can also send a thank you message through this application. It will definitely motivate the donors who are showing such a kind gesture.

Managing Donation Amount Becomes Easier With Mobile Fundraising App

In the case of offline donation, the church will receive physical currency. Tracking all those physical donations is very complicated. But, the scenario is different in the case of online donation. When someone makes a donation through mobile fundraising app, the amount gets credited to the bank account of the church. Moreover, the transaction is also recorded in the application. Therefore, tracking and managing donations becomes easier with mobile fundraising app.

Choose The Best Platform

Well, selecting a suitable platform for getting access to mobile fundraising app is very important. We at Werbylo work in the most transparent way. We believe that we rise by lifting others and so, we always give preference to the requirements of the customers. Moreover, you will not see any hidden fees and monthly on our platform. Moreover, you can create your own custom online fundraising campaign.

By this time, you have probably understood the importance of mobile fundraising app. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Werbylo as early as possible.

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