Did you know that almost 358,000 women die while giving birth or pregnant in a year? You might be surprised to know that every year almost 2 million babies die within 24 hours of their birth due to insufficient and inadequate health care. Now, midwives play a very important role in the process of educating women about the efficient health system. They ensure that babies and women receive skilled care during the time of childbirth, pregnancy, and even after-birth period. Yes, it is a fact that millions of women across the globe give birth without having the proper support from midwives. Even, in some countries, midwives do not have access to required medical necessities. Anyway, we cannot overlook the contribution that midwives play and there is a special event that is completely dedicated to them. Yes, we are talking about the International Day Of The Midwife.

Every year, people in Canada celebrate the International Day Of The Midwife on 5th May. Talking about the history, well, it was on 7th May 1991, when the International Day Of The Midwife was first observed. However, the concept of having a day to honor and recognize the contribution of the midwives came out in 1987 at the International Confederation of Midwives conference. It took place in the Netherlands. Talking about midwifery, well it is a kind of health professionals as well as health science that basically deals with the postpartum period, childbirth, and pregnancy. People who are specialized in the birthing process following this particular health science are called Midwives.

Good midwifery is a combination of art, science, experience, and instinct.

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Know More About The International Day Of The Midwife

It is a fact that women do not always give birth in hospitals. Most commonly, they used to do this under the proper guidance of experienced women. Here, we are referring to midwives. The study says that a women’s body has the potentiality to give birth child perfectly without implementing methods suggested by the practitioners and Obstetricians. If you study the history of midwives, you will come to know that this midwife tradition is very old. During ancient times, superstition and experience set the tone of the practice of midwives. At present, we can see changes. Yes, nowadays, they are as competent and capable as the Obstetricians.

You might have seen men are practicing midwifery, but, as per history, this is completely a woman’s art. In the ancient period, women had to give birth to a child and experience the entire thing themselves in order to become a midwife. In the 17th century, a split between Obstetricians and Midwifery took place. Analyzing the present situation, we cannot deny the fact that there is a rising movement regarding home birth. This is something that has made this Midwifery practice more relevant than ever before. Well, International Day Of The Midwife celebrates the contribution of these fearless women and men in the process of a healthy birth.

The International Day Of The Midwife Theme 2021

Every year, different themes have been chosen for the International Day Of The Midwife. In 2021, the theme for this event is “Follow the Data: Invest in Midwives”. Organizations across the nation come forward to advocate for the investment in high-quality Midwifery. The core objective is to deliver top-notch midwifery care across the globe.

The State of the World’s Midwifery is working on the findings on maternal, reproductive, adolescent, newborn and sexual health workforce from almost 194 countries. The recent report presented by WHO, ICM and UNFPA shows the progress in the sphere of midwifery care.

There are certain facts about the midwives that we have stated below:

  • Well, midwives provide almost 90% of reproductive, adolescent, newborn, maternal and sexual care.
  • Almost 82% of newborn deaths, maternal deaths could be stopped with proper midwifery care.
  • With the help of universal midwifery care, almost 82% mitigation in maternal mortality is possible.

How To Observe International Day Of The Midwife

Midwives play a very important role in the health care system. They save millions of lives and apart from this, they are providing critical medical care throughout the year. The most important thing is that they are the ultimate defenders of women’s rights. You can observe this event by making posts regarding the midwife on social media platforms. Thus, you can actually spread awareness among them. There are organizations that are advocating this field and many organizations are providing financial help to improve the overall midwife care. You can donate to those organizations. Moreover, you can build custom fundraising campaigns to help this field.

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