As a woman, you might be thinking or imagining the scenarios that you will have to face during the time of pregnancy. It is a fact that you will have to deal with extreme labour pain. From managing labour pain to writing up a birth plan- there are a lot of things that you need to do during the time of pregnancy. If you want to turn it into a positive experience, you need a trained labour companion.Well, we are talking about a doula. They are trained professionals and they can meet your informational, emotional, and physical needs. There is an event called International Doula Month.

People across the globe observe this in the month of May. Well, it is a kind of monthly event and people highlight the impactful contribution that doulas make in society. During the childbearing year, a doula provides informational, physical, and emotional support to the families.

Birth isn’t something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in

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Dona International And History Of International Doula Month

The International Doula Month is very significant. People have been observing this remarkable event since 1998. It is Dona International that started IDM also known as International Doula Month. The foremost objective of observing this event is to increase awareness about the role of the doula across the world.

Talking about Dona International, it is the leading, first and largest doula certifying organization. It was in 1992 when this organization was started. The members of this organization gave a professional touch to the role of the doulas. The branch of this organization is located in more than 50 countries and by the end of 2016, the organization has certified almost 12,000 doulas. The number is increasing every year.

Dona International is a kind of non-profit organization. The members of this organization give importance to this non-profit model. They believe that it is very important for them. The primary function of this organization is to provide certification and top-notch doula education to a wide range of the population. The organization has set a standard for doula training and doula education. Thus, they provide the highest quality support for the birthing mothers as well as their families.

Hashtags That You Can Use in The International Doula Month

We are living in the era where people are heavily using virtual networking platforms. Amid this situation, you need to use these virtual platforms to make the awareness program more impactful. You can post on social platforms regarding the role of doulas and their roles. Well, you can use multiple hashtags so that people can easily find posts regarding International Doula Month. The hashtags are as follows:

  • IDM
  • IDM2021
  • ThankADoula
  • BirthDoula
  • DoulaLife
  • YouDeserveADoula
  • BeADoula

Role Of Doulas And The International Doula Month

It is very important to understand the role of the doulas in this International Doula Month. A doula is a trained professional who can give you the required support that you need during the time of pregnancy. A doula can understand the emotional and physical aspects of labour. Therefore, she can provide you with the right guidance. It will help you as the labour progresses. Doulas have a very comforting and nurturing attitude. They can suggest a new posture in order to get rid of excessive labour pain. Apart from this, they offer massage and they also apply a relaxation technique that helps to keep the pregnant women in good shape. Doulas also teach a special breathing technique that actually adds a sort of easeful aspect.

There are certain facts that you should know about them. First, they are not a professional medical caregiver. You will not get any suggestions regarding medication from them. Moreover, they will not assist you in making any medical decision. You must understand they are just a member of your birthing team. You will get support from doulas throughout your delivery. Even, they will assist you after your baby is born. They will help you in breastfeeding and they will visit to check how your baby and you are doing. Talking about the objective of doulas, they want to give you a positive, and healthy labour experience.

Types Of Doulas

There are mainly two types of doulas- postpartum doulas and birth doulas. A birth doula will assist you during the time of childbirth, labour, and pregnancy. On the other, a postpartum doula helps you after the baby is born. You will get assistance for the first few weeks. Well, most doulas provide both services and therefore, you can easily stick with only one doula throughout the entire process.

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