It is a fact that beta thalassemia is the most critical form of thalassemia. Moreover, the good thing is that people living with this type of thalassemia can have a joyful life if they committed to long-term treatment. Now, talking about International Thalassemia Day, people all over Canada observe this health event on 8th May every year. Moreover, the main objective of this health event is to raise awareness among the decision-makers and the general public about thalassemia. On this day, many organizations come forward with the purpose of helping the entire international thalassemia community.

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We cannot deny the fact that thalassemia exists in most countries. However, did you know that patients living with beta-thalassemia do not even surpass the age of 20yrs? Apart from raising awareness among the general public, International Thalassemia Day gives us an opportunity to commemorate the thalassemia patients who are no longer living within us. Moreover, this is a day when people celebrate the patients who are alive and patients who are actually fighting for achieving a better life.

International Thalassemia Day And Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

As we are talking about International Thalassemia Day, we must highlight the remarkable contribution of the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention. Moreover, Thalassemia is a kind of blood disorder that passes through genes from parents to their children. Now, CDC has been doing so many things to improve the lives of the people living with thalassemia.

  • Funding For Monitoring Transfusion Complications: Well, monitoring transfusion complications in people living with blood disorders is very important. In fact, CDC is funding for this project.
  • New-born Screening: Well, earlier, we have already mentioned that thalassemia is a kind of blood disorder that passes through genes. This is why newborn screening is very important. CDC provides funding to those laboratories that perform thalassemia screening.
  • Funds For Health Promotion: Well, CDC funds for health promotion in order to understand this disease better.

History Of International Thalassemia Day

It was in 1994 when the founder and president of Thalassemia International Federation, Panos Englezos started International Thalassemia Day. Well, he started this day in memory of George, son of Panos Englezos. Due to thalassemia, George lost his life. Moreover, every year, the Thalassemia International Federation introduces a special theme for this event.

Know More About Thalassemia In This International Thalassemia Day

Well, one of the main objectives of International Thalassemia Day is to raise awareness and educate people about this disease. Thus, this is why you must know more about this disorder. Well, Thalassemia is a kind of hemoglobin disorder in the blood. Talking about hemoglobin, it is an iron-rich protein that is found in the RBC. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to the blood. People living with this blood disorder have less than the usual amount of hemoglobin. As a result, those people face several complexities in their daily lives. Blood transfusions on a scheduled basis are required. Mostly, people living with this disorder need to do blood transfusion once every two weeks.

Recent statistics have shown that almost 280 million people across the world are living with thalassemia. Moreover, almost 439,000 people are having the critical form of thalassemia. In addition to this, the disease is very common among the ethnic groups mentioned below:

  • African
  • South Asian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Greek
  • Italian

Thalassemia can cause a wide range of symptoms in your body. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  • Pale or yellow skin
  • Fatigue and excessive tiredness
  • Delayed development and growth
  • Dark urine
  • Bone deformities

Moreover, talking about the types of thalassemia, well, there are mainly three types-

  • Thalassemia minor
  • Alpha thalassemia
  • Beta thalassemia

In addition to this, there are a few ways through which you can treat this blood disorder. These are as follows:

  • Supplements and medications
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Blood transfusions
  • Surgery to remove gallbladder o spleen

How To Observe

The Thalassemia International Federation comes up with new themes and activities every year. The main goal of these activities is to fuel the discussions about thalassemia. Well, you can take part in these activities and apart from this, you can start a fundraising campaign. Moreover, fundraising is something that you can organize throughout the year. On this International Thalassemia Day, you can do the same. There are people living with this blood disorder; you can help those people with the help of organizing custom fundraising events. Moreover, there are various organizations that are working for thalassemia patients. You can donate to those organizations. In addition to these, you can use social sites to raise awareness among the people.

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