Ugadi celebration is a kind of New Year’s Day celebration in one of the states in India. Here, we will cover the important aspects that one needs to know about the Ugadi celebration. But, before getting into it, we must know the significance of the New Year celebration. Well, celebrating New Year’s Day is not a new thing. People have been doing this for years. But, have you ever thought about why the first day of the year is so significant? People all over the world celebrate New Year’s Day and therefore, it is very.

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There is no denying the fact that celebrating New Year’s Day is intrinsic, important, and meaningful for us. People invest a lot of energy and resources on this day just for the sake of celebration. Anyway, apart from celebrating this day, people take a set of resolutions. Although people fail to keep most of those resolutions, there is a motivational factor that works behind it. There is a powerful motivational tone that is inextricably associated with the New Year’s Day celebration. We call it: ‘our motivation to survive’.

Significance Of Ugadi Celebration

Ugadi celebration is, undoubtedly, one of the most significant events. It is a Hindu festival and the name of the New Year’s Day celebration is different in different states. People living in Andhra Pradesh, one of the states in India call the New Year’s Day celebration Ugadi, Yugadi, or Samvatsaradi. Well, they observe this event as per the Lunisolar calendar. It occurs in Chaitra month. If we talk about it from the perspective of the Gregorian calendar, it generally occurs in the month of March or April.

People on this day decorate the floors with attractive colourful patterns. Apart from this, decorating doors and houses with mango leaf, giving gifts to friends and relatives such as clothes, and doing charity are some integral parts of the Ugadi celebration. Decorating doors with mango leaf is called Torana. In Telegu, it is called Toranalu whereas, in Kannada, it is called Torana. Anyway, people on this special day visit Hindu temples; they prepare as well as share food that is called pachadi and people also take special oil treatment.

Talking about the Ugadi celebration, it is one of the historic and important Hindu festivals. Historians have found the name of this event in various medieval inscriptions and texts. On this day, people used to make donations to the community centres and Hindu temples. If we talk about the ways of celebration, people celebrate this in different ways in different states. You will find similarities as well as uniqueness in their ways of celebration. Moreover, the name of the New Year’s Day celebration as per the Hindu calendar is also different in different states.

Indian New Year’s Days Celebration

Well, if we talk about the Ugadi celebration, people living in Andhra Pradesh observe this in the month of Chaitra. But, the Indian New Year’s Day celebration is quite dynamic in nature. There are different days that are observed as New Year’s Day in different states in India. The lunar calendar and the solar calendar determine the observance of New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day falls in the month of Baisakhi in those regions where people follow the Solar calendar. On the other side, New Year’s Day falls in the month of Chaitra in those regions where people go with the Lunar calendar. Here, we have made a calendar view in order to give you a concrete idea.

CalendarFestival NameReligions
LunarUgadiAndhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka
LunarGudhi PadwaMaharastra, Goa
LunarAshadhi BijKutch
LunarBalipratipadaGujarat, Rajasthan
LunarCheti ChandSindhis
LunarChaitra NavaratriUttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Jammu, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
SolarVaisakhiPunjab, Haryana, Jammu
SolarPuthanduTamil Nadu
SolarBisu ParbaTulu Nadu
LunarSajibu CheiraobaManipur
SolarBohag BihuAssam
SolarPahela BaisakhWest Bengal
SolarJude SheetalMithila
LunarGaldan NamchotLadakh
LunarLosarArunachal Pradesh
SolarSangkenArunachal Pradesh

Importance Of New Year’s Day Celebration And Ugadi Celebration

Well, Ugadi celebration is a kind of regional religious festival. But, if we talk about the overall importance of this New Year’s Day celebration, it has a bigger meaning. People all over the globe observe this in their own ways. On this day, people celebrate their accomplishments that have made in the past 365 days. Moreover, they also make resolutions for the next 365 days. People raise glasses and toast their survival. On this day, people take a break from their hectic lifestyle.

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