The thyroid plays a very important role in our body as it controls and releases the thyroid hormones. Now, these hormones control the metabolism in our bodies. Talking about metabolism, it transforms food into energy and then, the system of our body uses this energy to function properly. When this gland does not produce an adequate amount of hormones, we suffer from different thyroid diseases. However, proper diagnosis and treatment can lead you to a healthier life. This is where Thyroid Awareness Month comes into play.

The hormones that are emitted from the thyroid gland play a very important role in some vital systems of our body such as kidneys, liver, brain, and heart. Now, dysfunction generally takes place when this gland produces hormones either too much or too little. As a result, it can hamper the healthy functioning of the vital organs of our body. During Thyroid Awareness Month, people step forward and conduct various campaigns to aware people of thyroid diseases. People living in Canada observe this significant health event in the month of June. If you are someone who does not have concrete knowledge about this health campaign, you are in the right spot. Here, we will be talking about the important things about Thyroid Awareness Month.

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Timeline Of Thyroid Awareness Month

Understanding the timeline of Thyroid Awareness Month is very important. Here, we have explained this; so have a look at the below-mentioned points:

  • 1811: Well, this year, Bernard Courtois who is a famous French chemist discovered iodine. He did this by oxidizing the burnt seaweed along with the sulfuric acid. Later, it became a vital weapon to treat different types of thyroid dysfunctions
  • 1923: Well, this year is important as in this year, the Thyroid Association was set up. It is completely dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, understanding, and advancement of thyroid disorders. It is a kind of international organization consisting of more than 1600 members and it is working across 43 countries.

Thyroid Foundation Canada And Thyroid Awareness Month

As we are talking about Thyroid Awareness Month, we must cover Thyroid Foundation Canada. It has a very close association with this health event. Thyroid diseases appear in different forms and according to a report, more than 50% of people living in Canada are undiagnosed. Talking about the general symptoms and signs, well, they are tremors, depression, fatigue, forceful heartbeat, anxiety, weight loss, slow heartbeat, dry skin, and many more.

The Thyroid Foundation Canada is a kind of non-profit organization. It was Diana Meltzer who founded this organization in 1980. The core objective of this organization is to help people who are suffering from thyroid disease. This organization conducts fundraising activities in order to raise funds for thyroid research programs. Apart from this, they also conduct public education programs and they also do advocacy for improved thyroid care.

Know The Reasons To Check Your Thyroid In This Thyroid Awareness Month

It is very important that you check your thyroid on a routine basis. People who are not serious about it should go through the following points as here, we will be talking about the reasons to check your thyroid.

  • Small Gland That Can Lead To Major Impact: Well, the thyroid is a butterfly-shaped and small gland. It can produce thyroid hormones and it can influence how other organs, tissues, and cells function. Therefore, you need to check it in order to keep it in healthy shape.
  • Thyroid Dysfunction Can Lead To Various Symptoms: Well, earlier, we have talked about thyroid dysfunction. Now, you must know that this can lead to various symptoms. Therefore, you should have a detailed report about the thyroid gland.
  • Diagnosis Is The Ultimate Key: The good thing is that a proper diagnosis can eliminate the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. In this, Thyroid Awareness Month, you should go for a thyroid diagnosis and achieve a very healthy lifestyle.

How You Can Observe Thyroid Awareness Month

By now, you have understood the importance of Thyroid Awareness Month. Now, we will be talking about how you can observe this health event.

  • Encourage Friends And Family To Get Tested: Well, in this Thyroid Awareness Month, you should encourage your friends and family members to get tested. It will help them to get rid of various thyroid dysfunctions. You can also use social networking platforms to encourage others.
  • Don’t Forget To Make A Donation: There are many non-profit organizations that are raising funds for helping people suffering from thyroid diseases and thyroid research programs. As a sensible citizen, you can make a donation to those organizations.

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