Halloween is here and you know what that means – time to get into the spooky spirit. Besides just handing out candies for kids, Halloween offers a great opportunity to raise funds. There are plenty of  fundraising ideas that you can use to raise money while spreading awareness about your organization at the same time. Check out these six unique fundraising ideas for Halloween!

Fundraising Through a Costume Drive

Numerous charities are hosting costume drives this year as an alternative way to fundraise. These drives allow people to donate old or unwanted clothes, and in return they receive a free pumpkin. In addition to this, your non-profit organization can collect toiletries, canned goods, household items and even funds. Later, the organization can donate them to the needy people.

Bake Sale is a Great Fundraising Idea

A bake sale is one of the fundraising ideas for Halloween that can never go wrong. Be sure you either have the necessary equipment or hire someone who does. We recommend doing this at your organization’s office, so that you can cater in customers and make it feel more like a party than a fundraiser. The best part about having it at your organization’s office is that it is a good way of more people being aware about your non-profit. You’ll also want to announce the event in advance so people know when they should arrive and also give you an idea of how much you would want to bake.

Sell Theme-Related Goods

One of the simplest Halloween fundraising ideas for your organization is to open an online gift shop. Create some Halloween-themed products and offer them for sale couple of weeks before the festival. From T-shirts to tote bags or mugs to bottles, there are plenty of ways to showcase your brand. You can either stick to more basic stuff like pencils and coffee mugs or provide some merchandise with a theme. Once you decide on your Halloween-themed inventory, email your members and post on social media to let them know about the new product.

Carving Pumpkin Contest

Another traditional Halloween pastime that can bring in a lot of money for your non-profit is pumpkin carving. Pumpkins are one of the most popular symbols of the holiday season. Whether you carve it or not, it is a staple decoration. Carving pumpkins can be a fun activity for adults and children alike. It is believed that the Celts invented the practice of carving faces into vegetables to help the good spirits find their way home. During their October celebration, they used to carve faces into vegetables like turnips and squash. Pumpkin carving can be scheduled as a standalone event or as a component of a pumpkin patch celebration.

Hold A Spooky Story Contest

Why don’t we make Halloween a bit more spookier with a story? This is a great way for the members, volunteers, and sponsors to get creative. Get everyone involved with the idea of coming up with a few spooky stories that are less than 500 words each. Set up a blog post and ask people to submit their stories. Encourage people to vote for their favorite story and also donate for the non-profit. The best story also gets a prize.

Hold A Scavenger Hunt In Your City

This Halloween, why not hold a scavenger hunt in your city? Hosting your own event will allow you to build awareness and connect with local businesses while raising funds. For this event, we recommend starting the scavenger hunt at a local spot of interest or landmark like a museum or monument. Once the teams have arrived, they can continue on their way by finding clues that will lead them to the next stop. In between clues, participants can take time to enjoy local food and attractions offered at different spots around town. Teams are encouraged to take photos along the way so they can show off their trip with friends and family back home!

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