World Wildlife Day is one of the most important events. This is the day when people give preference to the issues that are impacting wildlife. It was on 20th December of 2013 when the UNGA promulgated the 3rd March as the Un World Wildlife Day. The full name of UNGA is United Nations, General Assembly. Well, UNGA proclaimed the CITES as the World Wildlife Day. The main objective of this day is to raise public awareness about the issues that wild animals are facing. You might be surprised to know that World Wildlife Day has become one of the most important international events. It is entirely dedicated to the wildlife. In the year 2020, the name of the theme of World Wildlife Day was ‘Sustaining all life on Earth’. People across the world observe World Wildlife Day on the 3rd of March every year.

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Facts About The World Wildlife Day

There are certain facts that are associated with World Wildlife Day. We have highlighted them below:

  • Elephants, tigers, sharks, pangolins are the most trafficked and critically poached species in the world.
  • Habitat loss is one of the biggest problems that wild animals are facing. It causes almost 80% of loss in the rich ecosystem of biological diversity.
  • Almost 20% of wild species can be abolished completely within the next 20 or 30 years.

Role Of Fundraisers On The World Wildlife Day

Well, by now, you have probably understood the importance and value of World Wildlife Day. This is the day when people come forward to highlight the issues that wild animals and plants are facing. Anyway, the fundraisers can use this day to let the people know about the real issues. They can organize different activities using various digital platforms to connect with the people. If they want to raise funds, they can also do this with the help of the online fundraising site. The mobile donation app will allow people to make a donation without coming to the fundraising campaign. They can also make donations directly to the large non-profit organization using the mobile fundraising app.

The fundraisers can organize various events on World Wildlife Day to educate people about different aspects closely associated with the wildlife. We at Werbylo support non-profit organizations and fundraisers so that they can make this world a perfect place for everyone. Therefore, we have added some useful fundraising ideas for the fundraisers. So, if you are into this, you must run into the following points.

Organize Online Event Using The Social Medial Platforms

Well, we all are familiar with the present pandemic situation and therefore, the fundraisers will not get enough support if they conduct an offline campaign. Over the course of time, technology has been flourished and consequently, we have various platforms in our palms. We can easily access these platforms with the help of smartphones. Now, the fundraisers can use social networking sites to promote World Wildlife Day.

They can invite people and let them know about the aspects that have connection with World Wildlife Day. Moreover, they can ask them for making a donation. The online audience can actually make a donation sitting from home. Yes, they can donate with the help of the mobile fundraising app.

Use Any Online Fundraising Platform To Raise Funds

Well, there are various non-profit organizations that are working for protecting wildlife. On World Wildlife Day, the fundraisers can actually help these organizations. Anyway, they need a suitable platform so that they can run their operations smoothly. In such a scenario, the fundraisers can actually use the fundraising websites. Nowadays, you will see various fundraising sites available on the diverse ecosystem of the internet. Some of them might not be useful. Well, a good fundraising website will allow you to access the donor management software.

With the help of this software, the fundraisers can actually take the overall fundraising program to a different level. Moreover, they can interact with their donors in the most efficient way. Thus, they will be able to increase the overall donation amount. Nowadays, top non-profit organizations are also using donation app. Therefore, you will not have to visit any organizations to give the donation amount. You can do this sitting from your home.

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