Trans Day Of Visibility is, no doubt, one of the important events. It is a kind of international event. People all over the world observe this international event in the last week of March. Well, it is not a weekly event and so, if we specifically talk about the date, people all over the world observe this global event every year on the 31st of March. Transgender supporters and transgender communities observe this event across the globe. Anyway, talking about the objective of this day, well, the entire event is devoted to celebrating the contribution of transgender people in our society. Apart from this, on this day, transgender communities across the globe highlight the problems regarding discrimination that transgender people have been facing every day.

It was in 2009 when Rachel Crandall founded this day. Well, Rachel Crandall was a US-based transgender activist. Rachel experienced the lack of recognition of the LGBT community or the transgender people in society. Therefore, we can say that this Trans Day Of Visibility is just a reaction to this. Apart from this, she also showed her frustration.

Remember this, whoever you are, however you are, you are equally valid, equally justified, and equally beautiful.

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Talking about the day for the transgender people, there is the only day and this is called Transgender Day of Remembrance. But, this day is not all about the celebration. Transgender Day of Remembrance indicates a sad event when a lot of transgender people were murdered. So, this was the only day that was completely transgender-centered. But, transgender people and the transgender community need a day for celebration and this is where the Trans Day of Visibility comes into play.

Know More About Trans Day Of Visibility

Well, Trans Day of Visibility is also known as International Transgender Day of Visibility. Every year transgender supporters and transgender communities celebrate this day on the 31st of March. If we talk about this year, well, the International Transgender Day of Visibility will mark its 12th annual celebration on 31st of March, 2021. Talking about the main purpose of this day, well, people observe this day in order to celebrate the success as well as the resilience of the transgender people. Apart from these, transgender communities and transgender supporters step forward for raising awareness about transgender rights. Transgender people have been facing discrimination for years. Now, this particular day brings a golden opportunity for them. On this day, they celebrate, transgender communities highlight the contribution of these people to society.

Although there was a day before the Trans Day of Visibility, and people call it Transgender Day of Remembrance. But, that day does not celebrate and acknowledge the members of the transgender community. Therefore, if we specifically talk about the Trans Day of Visibility, it has its own value. It was in 2009 when the transgender community organized International Transgender Day of Visibility for the first time. Since then, the transgender communities have been organizing this event every year on the 31st of March.

Well, in the year, 2015, a social media campaign organized and many transgender people across the globe participated in this event. They conducted this social media awareness campaign on leading social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Participants posted personal stories, selfies and many more. Apart from these, they also shared statistics that showed the transgender issues and other things inextricably related to them. Through this campaign, these communities increased visibility and raised public awareness.

The Canadian Centre For Gender Sexual Diversity And Trans Day Of Visibility

When we are talking about Trans Day of Visibility, we must cover The Canadian Centre For Gender Sexual Diversity. Yes, this organization has a very inextricable connection with the Trans Day of Visibility. Talking about the mission of this organization, well, this organization empowers sexually diverse and gender communities through imparting proper education. Apart from imparting proper education, this organization also empowers these communities through advocacy and research. Well, the organization undertakes its mission with compassion and empathy. In short, The Canadian Centre For Gender Sexual Diversity is an ultimate organization that is trying to end this discrimination.

Role Of Fundraisers

So, if you have a close association with fundraising, you can do a lot of things on this day. If you are a fundraiser, you can conduct events to let people know about the value of transgender people. Apart from this, you can inspire the local communities so that they can step forward to help these people. Moreover, if you are into fundraising, you can raise funds with the help of digital giving platforms. Yes, you can directly donate this fund to any non-profit organization.

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