International Day of Forests is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable events. Although we are living in the technologically flourished era, we must not forget the importance of nature. It is one of the foundations of our lives. People across the world observe the International Day of Forests on the 21st of March. It is the day when various non-profit organizations step forward for raising public awareness about the importance of forests. Organizations conduct different events to let people know about the value of trees, different types of forests, and their benefits for the future and current generations. It was the 21st of March, 2013 when people observed the International Day of Forests for the first time. International, national and local organizations come forward and run tree-planting campaigns in order to celebrate the International Day of Forests.

The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself. It is the only place for us to live

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Background Of The International Day of Forests

It was in 1971 when the State Members voted for World Forest Day. They actually wanted to set up a day when people across the globe give preference to the importance and value of forests and trees outside the forests. It was at the 16th Food and Agriculture Organization conference where the State members actually voted for establishing ‘World Forest Day’. People observe the International Day of Forests every year on the 21st of March.

According to a report, every year the world is losing almost 32 million acres or 13 million hectares area. It is hampering the lives of many animal species and apart from this, it is also affecting biodiversity. We cannot deny the fact that due to deforestation, we are now experiencing climate change. Global warming is one of the deadly impacts of deforestation. If we talk about the current scenario, we will get to know that almost 30% land of the world is covered with forest. Forest provides medicines, water, fiber, and food for almost 2 billion poorest people in the world.

Key Messages Inextricably Associated With The International Day Of Forests

Well, there are some key messages that are inextricably associated with the International Day of Forests. Some of them are as follows:

Health Forests Indicate That People Are Living A Healthy Life

Forests provide space for recreation, clean drinking water, nutritious foods, and fresh air. If we talk about the developed countries, almost 25% of drugs are completely plant-based. The contribution becomes 80% in the developing countries. Therefore, if we have healthy forests, we can achieve a healthy life.

Forest Foods Deliver Healthy Diets

If we talk about the indigenous communities, they consume almost 100 different types of wild food. Most of them are harvested in forests. Therefore, it is very important to keep the forests in good shape. Otherwise, we might not be able to arrange healthy diets in the future.

Forests Create Millions Of Jobs

You might be surprised to know that the livelihoods of many people rely on forests. According to a report forests provide almost 86 million jobs. From the construction of the buildings to the paper industries- everything relies on the wood that comes from well-managed forests. After the pandemic, most people have lost jobs and in this situation, investment in the process of forest restoration can create a good number of jobs.

By now, you have understood why we should give importance to the International Day of Forests.

Role Of Fundraisers On The International Day Of Forests

People need to know the value of forests and fundraisers can help to let people know about the importance of forests. Thus, over the course of time, people have experienced the conveniences of online platforms. Now, fundraisers can use these platforms to deliver the message to more people. They can conduct many online activities and fundraising events. Here, we have added fundraising ideas for them.

Host Online Educational Event

People are spending time on virtual platforms. The fundraisers can actually encourage people on the International Day of Forests. They can conduct various online educational events and let people know how forests are saving our world. Forests can mitigate the chance of natural disasters and apart from this, it can create more jobs. The fundraisers can use social platforms to educate them. They can even ask for donations and the fundraisers can use this donation in the forest restoration process.

Conduct Online Crowdfunding Event On The International Day Of Forests

The online charity fundraising sites are helping the fundraisers. They can actually raise funds for various organizations. In such a case, they can use the online fundraising sites to conduct smooth online crowdfunding event. The online donation management software will help the fundraisers to run their online campaigns smoothly.

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