National Therapeutic Recreation Week is one of the most distinct events in Canada. People observe it every year in the month of February. It is basically a weekly event that people observe throughout the first full week of February. If we talk about the history of National Therapeutic Recreation Week, it was all started in 1996 with the inception of the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association. It is also known as CTRA. During this week, people are invited to join in order to promote as well as celebrate the role of Therapeutic Recreation in the country.

Recreation: improving lives one activity at a time.

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Therapeutic Recreation And National Therapeutic Recreation Week

Well, before getting into the National Therapeutic Recreation Week, you must know something about Therapeutic Recreation. It is basically a kind of profession where people playing the role of Therapeutic Recreation will identify the play, recreation and leisure as important parts of life. There are people who are suffering from mental, physical emotional and social limitations. The people playing the role of Therapeutic Recreation can deliver significant leisure experience to these people. If we talk about the actual meaning of Therapeutic Recreation, it is basically directed toward participation opportunities, leisure education and functional intervention. Therapeutic Recreation assists an individual so that the person can achieve optimal health, leisure independence and a better life.

Well, if you are someone who wants to make a career in the field of Therapeutic Recreation, you will not have to worry. The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies is playing an important role in the sphere of the educational aspect of Therapeutic Recreation. The Department is offering an opportunity through which one can direct his or her studies in the doctoral program, or master’s program of therapeutic recreation.

National Therapeutic Recreation Week

The people playing the role of Therapeutic Recreation highlights the importance of being engaged in activities that can help people in the process of healing and recovering from different types of disabilities. These activities get preference during the National Therapeutic Recreation Week. Even, people having cancer need to do such activities. These things will divert their mind and consequently, they will not feel the stress that a normal cancer patient feels. If we talk about different types of Therapeutic Recreation activities, it basically includes expressive arts, sports involvement, mind relaxation and muscle relaxation exercises, following hobbies such as horticulture and many more. There are many medical institutions, clinical facilities, rehabilitation centers and hospitals where you will find an in-house therapist for getting the ultimate recreational therapy. Moreover, these therapists conduct different types of Therapeutic Recreation activities that will be best for patients with the help of physicians and doctors.

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association

The Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association is a kind of Canadian National Association. It is an association of practitioners that are working in the diverse and dynamic field of Therapeutic Recreation. The Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association was actually incorporated in the month of August 1996.

The association basically reflects the need and interests of Recreation Therapists across the nation. Recreational therapists indicate the health professionals who are working in the diverse field of health care. Moreover, they use the APIED method to help people suffering from different types of disabilities. APIED method consists of assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation. The foremost objectives of this association are as follows:

  • The association promoted as well as facilitates communication among the members inextricably associated with the Therapeutic Recreation.
  • It also promoted as well as advanced public awareness so that. People can understand the important aspects inextricably associated with Therapeutic Recreation.
  • The association also works hard to develop as well as promote the implementation as well as the adoption of professional techniques. Through which the therapists can deliver satisfactory Therapeutic recreation services.

Recreational Therapists And National Therapeutic Recreation Week

Well, the Recreational Therapists work with the physicians so that. They can help the patients with the appropriate activities that can help them to cope up with the difficult situation. Well, there are courses for Recreational Therapists. A certified Recreational therapist will have to recertify himself or herself every five years in order to become active in this field.

Observe The National Therapeutic Recreation Week

Well, there are ways through which you can observe the National Therapeutic Recreation Week. If you are a fundraiser, you can organize various fundraising programs to help the people suffering from disabilities. Moreover, you can start an online disability awareness program. In addition to this, if you are a part of any non-profit organization, you can organize various activities. That will help people with disabilities to get rid of mental stress and other problems.

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