Did you know that administrative professionals play a very impactful role in any organization? They work in an office environment where they perform information coordination, administrative tasks, and many more. If you are wondering why we are talking about the role of the administrative professionals, well, we are actually going to tell you about Administrative Professionals Day. This is also called Admin Day or Secretaries Day. Well, a few countries observe this event and it is not even considered a holiday in those countries.

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.

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People observe the Administrative Professionals Day in the month of April. It is the 24th of April when they observe this event. The Administrative Professionals Day has an inextricable connection with Administrative Professionals Week. In some countries, this particular event comes under Administrative Professionals Week. Every year, people all over the United Nations observe the Administrative Professionals Week throughout the last week of April. Now, talking about Administrative Professionals Day, it basically recognizes the contribution of administrative assistants, personal assistants, executive assistants, client services representatives, secretaries, and many more associated with the administrative tasks. On this day, people give these people chocolates, flowers, cards, and people also share their lunches with them.

Background Of Administrative Professionals Day

Knowing the background of the Administrative Professionals Day is very important. During the Second World War, the US realized the deficiency of professional administrative personnel. The rising post-war business, birth-rate decline, and post-war depression were the main reasons. After that, in 1942, the National Secretaries Association was formed in order to recognize the remarkable contribution of the administrative professionals in the sphere of the economy of the nation. This organization helped in the personal development of that personnel. Apart from this, this organization worked to attract more people to this administrative field. Mary Barrett, the president of the National Secretaries Association played a very impactful role.

In 1981, the National Secretaries Association was renamed as Professional Secretaries International and then in 1998, it got a new name – International Association of Administrative Professionals. Now, if we talk about Administrative Professionals Day, it is the registered trademark of the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

In 1952, the first official celebrations took place from 1st June to 7th June and this week was called ‘National Secretaries Week’. Then, in 1955, the official observance made a shift to the last week of April and they call it ‘Professional Secretaries Week’, and then, in 2000, it got a new name- ‘Administrative Professionals Week’. The foremost objective of this week was to highlight the wide-ranging jobs and responsibilities of the administrative professionals in the economy of the nation. Moreover, people book country clubs, restaurants and they offer lunch to the administrative professionals.

Significance Of The Administrative Professionals And The Administrative Professionals Day

People who are working in the administrative fields play a very important role. Managing paperwork, and customers, handling appointments, keeping everything well-organized, and handling the customers are certain things that everyone cannot do properly on a daily basis. You need an administrative professional. However, the unfortunate thing is that most of their works remain unnoticed and they do not receive the appreciation that they deserve. Now, the foremost objective of this Administrative Professionals Day is to thank these people in every possible way.

Administrative professionals are the building blocks. When you look at a beautiful house, you just see the beautiful exterior look, colour, and other things. But, the pillars that are supporting the structure of the house remain unnoticed. The same thing happens in the case of administrative professionals. Moreover, this is why it is very important that we make this day as successful as possible. It is the administrative personnel who ensure that customers get satisfactory services. They make everything simple and they do things in a very effortless manner. Therefore, it is our duty that we should appreciate their hard works on this Administrative Professionals Day.

How To Celebrate

There are a lot of ways through which you can actually thank the administrative professionals on Administrative Professionals Day. Moreover, if you are working in a workplace or an office, you can give gift cards, flowers or you can take them to lunch. Apart from this, you can spend some time with them. You can start a conversation and appreciate them for what they are doing.

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