Human Trafficking Awareness Day is one of the most important events. It has already got international recognition. People in the United States and Canada observe this Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Well, if we talk about the United States, it is the 11th of January when people observe this day. On the other side, people in Canada observe the Human Trafficking Awareness Day on 22nd February. This day is actually playing a very important role in the process of making our world a better place for everyone. The foremost objective of this day is to bring opposition as well as attention to modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Modern-day slavery is also known as neo-slavery. On this day, sensible individuals and different non-profit organizations come forward to raise a kind of public awareness among the people.

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Know More About The Human Trafficking Awareness Day

After knowing about the foremost aim of the Human Trafficking Awareness Day, you might be thinking it is the same as the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. But, it is completely wrong. The Human Trafficking Awareness Day is a distinct and separate event. There are differences between these two events. Well, we cannot deny the fact that both these events focus on the same issues. Anyway, it was in 2007 when the United States Senate set up the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The foremost aim of this day is to end modern slavery and human trafficking in the United States. Well, initially, they focused on the United States as, at that time, other countries did not face the devastating outcomes of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Certain Aspects Associated With The Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Well, there are certain aspects that are inextricably associated with Human Trafficking Awareness Day. We have highlighted some of them below:

  • Human trafficking and modern-day slavery are something that every country is facing nowadays.
  • When it comes to human trafficking, it generally occurs in developing nations. They generally supply from the less developed countries to the developed countries.
  • Most victims are coming from Asia and the ultimate destination is Europe.
  • Well, sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking. People across the globe can actually visualize this problem. Along with it, there are different forms of exploitation. But, most of them are under-reported.

Three Primary Elements About Human Trafficking

Well, there are three primary elements that are very closely associated with human trafficking. If you want to educate people about it on Human Trafficking Awareness Day, you must know about this.

  • Well, the purpose and aim of human trafficking is nothing but exploitation.
  • The methods of human trafficking consist of coercion, deception, abuse of power, threats and many more.
  • The act of trafficking is mainly done through harboring, transporting, recruiting, receiving by force and transferring from one nation to another.

Difference Between Human Trafficking And Human Smuggling

Well, most people generally get confused between human smuggling and human trafficking. This is why we have highlighted the difference between these two. When it comes to human trafficking, exploitation is inextricably associated with it. On the other side, exploitation is not a necessary element in the ecosystem of human smuggling. Human trafficking indicates the exploitation of an individual and on the other side, human smuggling basically indicates moving of one person from one nation to another nation. In the case of human trafficking, you will see the signs of illegal movements. You might also see various smuggling components. But, human smuggling becomes human trafficking if there is a sign of coercion, deception, abuse of power and many more.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day And Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

Well, the Human Trafficking Awareness Day and the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline have connections with each other. Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline provides various multilingual and confidential services. They remain active 24×7. Well, it basically connects the survivors and victims with emergency services, law enforcement, and social services. Moreover, they also receive important information from the public. The organizations give importance to confidentiality, individual consent, and non-discrimination.

Role Of Fundraisers On The Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Well, as of now, you have understood the importance of Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Now, if we talk about the fundraisers, they can use this day to educate people about the different aspects associated with this human trafficking and slavery. They can also raise funds for helping the survivors and affected people. In order to conduct the fundraising program, they can use the donation websites for fundraising. In addition to this, the fundraisers can also encourage and motivate the local community so that they can become more sensible. Moreover, they can make a donation. In this cashless society, they can contribute using the mobile donation app.

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