Well, people have been suffering from various nervous system disorders and among them, Parkinson’s disease is very striking and noticeable. Living in this modern era, it has become very essential to let people know about this Parkinson’s disease. If we talk about the name, it has actually been named after James Parkinson who was a British Physician. It was in 1817 when he described this nervous system disorder in an essay, ‘An Essay on the Shaking Palsy’. Now, talking about Parkinson Awareness Month, people observe this health event in the month of April. During this month, people across the nation conduct different types of the awareness program. Apart from this, many organizations conduct different fundraising programs so that they can make the lives of the people suffering from Parkinson’s disease better.

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.


What Is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson Awareness Month is entirely dedicated to raising awareness among the people and helping people suffering from this disease. So, when we are talking about Parkinson Awareness Month, you must know everything about this disorder. Parkinson’s disease refers to a nervous system disorder and it actually hampers the movement of the person. Initially, the person will feel a tremor in his one arm. The feeling of tremor or shiver is a very common thing in the case of Parkinson’s disease. Gradually, the person suffering from Parkinson’s disease feels stiffness and it ultimately creates problems in movement.

Talking about the early stage of this Parkinson’s disease, your face might show no expression. But, things get changed over the course of time. Yes, you will notice that your arms are not swinging while walking. Moreover, your speech will become slurred and soft. Gradually, the situation becomes worsen. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. But, if you follow proper medications, the situation will significantly improve. However, doctors suggest surgery in order to improve the regulation in certain regions of your brain.

Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease And Parkinson Awareness Month

The foremost objective of this Parkinson Awareness Month is to raise awareness and let people know the symptoms of this disease. Keeping this point in mind, we have made a brief breakdown of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. So, do not forget to check the following points:

  • Slowed Movement: One of the noticeable symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is the slowed movement. Yes, it basically reduces the overall speed of your movement. As a result, you will face difficulties to complete simple tasks. It will take a lot of time to complete a simple task. You will generally take small steps while walking. Sometimes, you might face difficulties getting out of the chair and you will need to drag the feet while walking.
  • Tremor: Tremor is a very common symptom and you will feel it in the beginning. Generally, you will feel it in your fingers, hand and limb. Even, you will feel tremors while taking rest.
  • Rigid Muscles: Havingrigid muscles is another symptom of this Parkinson’s disease. The person will feel stiffness in the muscles and the worst part is that it can occur at any part of the body. It is really painful and gradually, it can reduce the range of your motion.
  • Reduction In Automatic Movements: Well, persons suffering from Parkinson’s Disease will see a remarkable reduction in automatic movements. Automatic movements refer to arms swinging, smiling, blinking, performing various unconscious movements, and many more. It will really make life more complicated and painful.
  • Difficulties In Writing: Well, if you are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, you will definitely have problems while writing. Apart from this, you will also face problems while reading. You will actually hesitate while talking.

Causes Of Parkinson’ Disease And Parkinson Awareness Month

It is very important to know the causes of Parkinson’s disease. Otherwise, you will not be able to make Parkinson Awareness Month efficient. This is why we have added the causes of Parkinson’s disease here. So, go through the following points:

  • Exposure To Certain Environmental Factors: Well, exposure to certain environmental factors or environmental toxins can cause Parkinson’s Disease. However, in such a case, the risk is comparatively small.
  • Genes: Researchers are of the opinion that genetic mutation can also cause Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson Canada And Parkinson Awareness Month

Parkinson Canada has a very inextricable association with Parkinson Awareness Month. Yes, according to a survey, almost 100,000 are living with this disease. This organization raises voice for those people. Yes, if you are suffering from this disease, you will get all-around help from this organization. This organization also provides service and education to your health time and family.

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