You might be surprised to know that almost 7 out of 100,000 people living in European countries are suffering from Huntington’s Disease. Huntington’s Disease that is also known as HD is a kind of inherited and rare disease that actually causes progressive breakdown among the nerve cells in our brain. Huntington’s Disease can badly affect functional abilities. People living with Huntington’s Disease suffer from psychiatric, thinking and movement disorders. Now, coming back to the Huntington Disease Awareness Month, people observe this health event in May. There is also International Huntington Disease Awareness Day. People observe this day every year on 15th May.

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During Huntington Disease Awareness Month, caregivers, patients, friends, non-profit organizations and many more conduct fundraising programs. Apart from this, they indulge themselves in hiking, put on purple and blue dresses and share stories on social media sites. They also share posts regarding this disease on social networking sites. One of the main objectives of this event is to raise awareness about this rare disease among general people. Along with this, many organizations want to draw the attention of various public authorities, health professionals, scientists, industry representatives and policymakers towards this rare disease during this Huntington Disease Awareness Month.

Huntington’s Disease Society Of America And Huntington Disease Awareness Month

We are talking about Huntington Disease Awareness Month and so, we must mention the name of this organization. Actually, Huntington’s disease Society of America has a very close association with this event. Every year, during this event, this organization works to educate the world about this disease. This year, keeping in mind the pandemic situation, the organization is giving preference to social media platforms. They want to educate more people through social networking sites. Every year, in the month of May, this organization raises the global volume so that they can educate more people about this rare brain disease.

Huntington’s disease Society Of America is a kind of non-profit organization that is entirely dedicated to making the lives of the people affected by this rare brain disease better. This organization provides community services and educational resources in order to make the awareness campaigns more effective.

Huntington Society Of Canada

Huntington Society Of Canada is another organization that has an inextricable connection with this event, Huntington Disease Awareness Month. Huntington’s Disease or HD is a kind of fatal brain disorder that can badly affect both body and mind. It is hereditary in nature and we can say that it has all the symptoms that you will get in the case of ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Anyway, if we talk about the role of this organization, it works in order to enhance the quality of the life of those people who are suffering from this brain disorder. The members of this organization share stores to educate people and spread awareness about this brain disorder.

Symptoms Of Huntington And Huntington Disease Awareness Month

By now, you have realized why people observe Huntington Disease Awareness Month. It is all about educating people through public awareness program. Therefore, you should have concrete knowledge about this disease. You should know the symptoms of this disease. Research has shown that the symptoms of this disease can develop at any time. However, if the symptoms appear before 20, it will be called Juvenile Huntington’s Disease.

Huntington’s disease mainly causes cognitive, psychiatric and movement disorders. Apart from this, a wide range of symptoms and signs are seen.

  • Cognitive Disorders: Cognitive disorders consist of difficulty in attaining new information, slowness in finding words or processing thoughts, sexual promiscuity, act without thinking, lack of proper impulse control, difficulty in prioritizing, focusing and organizing tasks and lack of flexibility.
  • Psychiatric Disorders: Frequent thoughts of suicide, dying and death, insomnia, loss of energy, social withdrawal, feelings of apathy, sadness and irritability come under psychiatric disorders.
  • Movement Disorders: Difficulty with swallowing or speech, difficulty in maintaining a good posture, abnormal or slow eye movements, muscle problems, and writhing movements come under the big umbrella of movement disorders.

Apart from these, people living with Huntington’s disease suffer from bipolar disorder, mania and compulsive or obsessive disorder.

What You Can Do?

Well, you can do a lot of things during this Huntington Disease Awareness Month. You can help those people who are living with this brain disorder in diverse ways. You can start a fundraising campaign and collect funds for those people. Moreover, you can inspire the community people so that they come forward to help the needy people. You can encourage others so that they can take part in those educational programs conducted by many organizations on Huntington’s Disease.

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