People in this digital era are giving preference to electronic gadgets and things have got digital forms. In spite of living in this digital era where everything is becoming technologically advanced, we must not forget the importance of books. You can easily develop your thoughts through reading a book. Apart from this, it is something that will give you access to endless knowledge. Well, if you are still thinking about why we are giving some much preference to reading a book, we are actually going to talk about World Book Day. This day is also called International Day of the Book and World Book and Copyright Day. UNESCO organizes this event every year in the month of April. It is an international event and people all over the world celebrate this great event on the 23rd of April. So, why this event is so significant?

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.

George R.R. Martin

Well, World Book and Copyright Day is a very special event as it promoted copyright, publishing, and reading. It was on the 23rd of April, 1995 when the first World Book and Copyright Day was celebrated. People living in Ireland and the United Kingdom observe something similar to this event in the month of March. Talking about the main idea that inspired UNESCO to start such an event, well, the whole idea had come from ‘Dia del Llibre’. It means ‘day of the Book’. People living in Catalonia observe this event every year on 23rd April. Taking inspiration from this, UNESCO also decided a similar event should be celebrated worldwide on the same day. Well, 23rd April is a very significant date as it is the death anniversary of William Shakespeare. It is also the death or birth of many prominent authors.

It was on 23rd April 1995 when UNESCO introduced this event. They selected 23rd April as the World Book and Copyright Day. Since then, people all over the world have been celebrating this event wholeheartedly. This day also marks the birth and death anniversary of various prominent authors such as Vladimir Nabokov, Haldor K.Laxness, Maurice druon, Josep Pla, and many more. This particular made it obvious why UNESCO chose 23rd April as the World Book and Copyright Day. They want to engage people all over the world in various reading activities.

Now, if we talk about how you can celebrate this day, well, there are various ways through which you can do this. You can organize reading competitions in educational institutions. Although amid this pandemic situation, conducting such activity is impossible in educational institutions, you can arrange the same at home. Moreover, you can read various positive books and infuse your mind with knowledge. This will be probably the simple and efficient way to celebrate this World Book and Copyright Day. This day also symbolizes global literature. So, you can read the literary content of many prominent authors. For example, you can read the books of Shakespeare.

Reading can help you in mental stimulation and apart from this, it can also help in stress reduction. Memory improvement and vocabulary expansion are some other advantages that you will get from reading. So, on this World Book and Copyright Day, you can give preference to reading and you can also add reading to the list of your daily activities.

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By now, we have made you realize the significance of World Book and Copyright Day. Although this is the day for book lovers, fundraisers can also play a significant role on this day. Books are considered our philosophers, guiders and friends. The significance of this day is not limited to reading books, copyrighting and publishing. This is the day when many prominent authors such as Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Shakespeare, Cervantes and many more died. This date also symbolizes world literature. On this day, people all over the world pay tribute to these famous literary figures. As a fundraiser, you can use social networking platforms to pay tribute to these figures. You can encourage people so that they can indulge themselves in reading as well.

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