World Down Syndrome Day is one of the best events. It is a very vital event as on this day, people give importance to trisomy. It is also known as triplication. People generally in Canada and the United States observe this event on the 21st of March. In the 3rd month of March, people generally give importance to the uniqueness of the trisomy or triplication. People highlight the uniqueness of the trisomy of the 21st chromosome. It actually causes Down syndrome.

I have that glass-half-empty syndrome, and it takes a great deal of effort to climb out of the hole of darkness that I choose to live in mentally.

Christian Slater

Down Syndrome And World Down Syndrome Day

Down’s Syndrome or Down Syndrome is also called Trisomy 21. It is basically a kind of genetic disorder. It generally happens due to the presence of chromosome 21’s third copy. If you want to observe World Down Syndrome properly, you must know the symptoms of this genetic disorder. Well, Down Syndrome or Down’s Syndrome or Trisomy 21 is inextricably associated with the characteristic facial features, moderate to mild intellectual disability, delays in physical growth, and many more. If we talk about the IQ of a child having Down Syndrome or Down’s Syndrome or Trisomy 21, it is only 50. Well, the IQ is almost equivalent to a child aged between 8 and 9. However, the IQ might vary from person to person.

If we talk about the parents of those affected individuals, they can be genetically normal in nature. The extra chromosome can occur at any time. It does not rely on any environmental factor or behavioral activity. During the time of pregnancy, genetic testing and prenatal screening can be done to identify Down Syndrome. Most of the pregnancies affected by Down Syndrome are affected after the introduction of the screening method. An individual suffering from the symptoms of Down Syndrome should go for screening on a regular basis.

Know More About World Down Syndrome Day

As of now, health professionals have not yet found any proper cure for Down Syndrome. Well, getting proper care and having proper knowledge about this genetic disorder can improve the overall quality of life. Children having Down Syndrome requires special classes and most of the time, parents send their children having this genetic disorder to special schools so that they get proper specialized education. Individuals having this syndrome graduate from high school and a few of them also attend post-secondary education.

Talking about their adulthood stage, almost 20% of adults having this syndrome get paid work in the United States. Anyway, they also require a sheltered work ambiance. They also need help in legal as well as financial matters. If we talk about the life expectancy of individuals having Down Syndrome or Down’s Syndrome in the developed countries, it is almost 50 or 60 years. However, they need proper health care in order to achieve the ultimate life expectancy.

Humans can suffer from various chromosome abnormalities and Down Syndrome is undoubtedly one of them. It generally occurs in one in 1,000 babies every year. According to a report, almost 5.4 million people had this genetic disorder in 2015. The number of death due to this genetic disorder was almost 27,000. Now, if we talk about the number of deaths in 1990, it was almost 43,000. It was in 1959 when the genetic cause of Down Syndrome was discovered.

Physical Characteristics Of People Having Down Syndrome

It is very important to know the physical characteristics of the people having Down Syndrome. They have flat nasal bridges, poor muscle tone, slanted eyes, a small chin, and protruding tongue. Apart from this, they have a short neck, wide and flat face. People having this genetic disorder also suffer from hip dislocations. The process of physical growth is slower in their bodies and therefore, they do not achieve tall height.

Role Of Fundraisers

Fundraisers can play a very important role on World Down Syndrome Day. They can organize various activities on this special day. Organizing fundraising events can be one of the best ways through which they can help needy individuals having this genetic disorder. If you see the present situation, you will realize that you do not need so many things to conduct a fundraising event. Nowadays, you can easily do this with the help of online fundraising sites. Apart from this, you can also educate the local community about the symptoms of Down Syndrome. Thus, you can inspire other people. In the end, you will be able to get a good number of supporters. You can use online fundraising software to make the entire crowdfunding program more successful. You can easily receive a donation with the help of the mobile fundraising app.

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