World Glaucoma Awareness Week is one of the most remarkable health events. People all over this world observe this health throughout the second week of March. Well, if we specifically talk about the date, people in the year 2020 observed this event from 8th March to 14th March. It is a kind of world weekly event. Anyway, if we talk about the objective of World Glaucoma Awareness Week, people observe this to spread awareness about glaucoma. Apart from this, many non-governmental and non-profit organizations step forward during this week to let people know about the early detection of this physical problem. You might be surprised to know that Glaucoma is considered one of the leading causes of blindness. Therefore, you have probably understood the importance of observing this World Glaucoma Awareness Week.

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.

Winston Churchill

If we talk about the background of this World Glaucoma Awareness Week, we must talk about the World Glaucoma Patient Association and World Glaucoma Association. It was the World Glaucoma Patient Association and the World Glaucoma Association that established the World Glaucoma Awareness Week. Glaucoma is a deadly disease that could affect almost 111 million people by the end of 2040. World Glaucoma Awareness Week is a kind of unique initiative that is helping people to know about the symptoms of this disease. Moreover, it also helps people to know how they can keep their eye health in good shape. Experts are of the opinion that almost half of the affected people are completely unaware of the condition. If it is not diagnosed properly, they could gradually lose their eyesight.

Make World Glaucoma Awareness Week More Effective

As of now, you have understood the importance of this World Glaucoma Awareness Week. Now, there are different ways through which you can make this awareness week more effective. However, before getting into this, you must know the important points closely connected to this week. First of all, World Glaucoma Awareness Week is a combined initiative taken by World Glaucoma Patient Network and World Glaucoma Association. The initiative was taken for raising awareness on glaucoma. It is a kind of international health event where health officials, eye-care providers and other people associated with the field across the globe come forward to actively take part in this health event. One of the main objectives of the World Glaucoma Awareness Week is to let people know about the importance of regular eye check-ups. This is probably one of the best ways for detecting glaucoma.

Ways To Make It Effective

However, as a sensible citizen, you can make a solid contribution. Without the help of the people, the health event cannot be effective. There are certain things that you can do in order to create a solid glaucoma awareness. We have added some of them below:

  • You can conduct screening events in your local community. Well, you can do this in any local health care centre or institute. After that, you can invite glaucoma patients for a free screening test.
  • If there are patient support groups working around you, you can conduct an educational event to educate those groups. It will help them to do their job more efficiently. In the end, the Glaucoma Awareness Week will be effective.
  • If you are in this health care field or if you have enough knowledge about this problem, you should drag yourself forward to educate people. Well, you can participate in any TV and radio shows in order to talk about this problem. Moreover, you can participate in any question-answer event and solve the queries of the people.
  • Well, if you have important information about this disease, you can contact any local newspaper agency and publish the important information that people should know.
  • Along with these, you can run an online campaign. People all over the globe have become highly active and therefore, this online campaign will be very effective.

Know More About Glaucoma In The World Glaucoma Awareness Week

World Glaucoma Awareness Week is coming and so, it is very essential to know more about Glaucoma. Well, it is a kind of eye disease that can lead to complete blindness or partial vision loss. This happens because the optic never gets damaged. People, in the beginning, cannot understand the symptom of this problem. Well, there is no proper cure for this disease. But, early detection and proper diagnosis, in the beginning, can prevent it.

Role Of Fundraisers On World Glaucoma Awareness Week

World Glaucoma Awareness Week is, no doubt, one of the best events and the fundraisers can play a very impactful role throughout this week. There are online giving platforms that fundraisers can use to conduct successful fundraising drives. Yes, they can help needy people throughout this week.

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