There is no denying the fact that the ‘Red Cross’ is one of the most acknowledged symbols in the world. However, if you do not have a solid idea about this event, you are in the right place. There are certain principles that are inextricable parts of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Now, talking about the World Red Cross Day, well, it is an annual celebration of those principles. People across the world observe World Red Cross Day on 8th May every year. This is the birth anniversary of Jean-Henry Dunant. Well, Jean-Henry Dunant was the founder of ICRC that is also known as the International Committee of the Red Cross. He is also considered the grantee of the first Nobel Peace Prize.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

 Charles Dickens

So, when it comes to observing World Red Cross Day, you must have concrete knowledge about Henri Dunant. He was a Swiss social activist, businessman, and humanitarian. He was the father, co-founder, promoter, and visionary of the Red Cross. It was in 1901 when he got the first Nobel Peace Prize. This made him the first Swiss Nobel Laureate. In 1859, he visualized the consequences of the Battle of Solferino in Italy. Dunant recorded his experiences and memories in a book called A Memory of Solferino. This book was actually the main inspiration for creating the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Background Of Red Cross Day

After World War I, the Red Cross did an impactful contribution to the peace. At the 14th International Conference, the Red Cross actually established an international commission in order to study the Red Cross Truce. It was in 1934 when the Red Cross Truce’s report was presented. At the 15th International Conference, the principles of Red Cross Truce were approved.

After World War II, the Tokyo proposal came into effect. The Board of Governors of the LORCS asked if there was a chance of annual celebration. The initial name of LORCS was ‘League of the Red Cross Societies’. Later, it is called the General Assembly of the International Federation of Red Cross Societies. Two years after World War II, people observed the first Red Cross Day on 8th May 1948. So, it was actually the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant. It was in 1984 when this event got an official name- ‘World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

On this day, the International Committee of the Red Cross organizes a wide range of events and programs in order to promote as well as facilitate humanitarian activities. Talking about another objective, well, on this day, members of this society come forward and motivate people so that they can protect their own lives. Society takes care of the respect of the victims. There are different sections of this Red Cross Organizations. Each and every section of this organization observes the Red Cross Day to help needy people suffering from earthquakes, flood, and other natural disasters. They strongly step forward to provide protection in emergency situations.

Know The Seven Principles Of The Red Cross Society In This Red Cross Day

As we are talking about the observance of the Red Cross Society, you must know that there are seven principles of the Red Cross Society. These are as follows:

  • Humanity: Well, the foremost objective is to protect health and life. Ensuring respect for every individual comes under this principle. It actually promotes cooperation, friendship, and mutual understanding amongst people.
  • Impartiality: It is the second principle that indicates ‘no discrimination’. People of all political opinions, class, religious beliefs, race, and nationality will get top priority in emergency situations.
  • Neutrality: Keeping everyone in neutral form while providing help is the third principle. This Red Cross Movement should not get affected by ideological, religious, racial, and political controversies.
  • Independence: This is the fourth principle and it indicates that this is a completely independent movement. People should maintain autonomy.
  • Voluntary Service: Well, this is a kind of voluntary relief movement.
  • Unity: Throughout its territory, the organization must continue its humanitarian operations.
  • Universality: People belonging to the Red Cross Society have equal status. They always share equal duties and equal liabilities.

How To Observe The Red Cross Day

Taking part in the events organized by the International Committee of Red Cross is one of the best ways to observe Red Cross Day. Apart from this, you can let people know about the visions and objectives of this society through social networking platforms. Moreover, conducting fundraising events on this day is another efficient way of observing the Red Cross Day.

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