You might be thinking about how much water you should drink every day. Well, there is no such quantity that is universally agreed. Well, 90% of our blood is water and the fact is that you need to drink plenty of water in order to keep the bodily functions in good shape. Have you measured how much water you are drinking on a daily basis? Well, learn important aspects about drinking water and where it comes from in this Drinking Water Week. American Water Works Association sponsors this event. People in Canada observe this event in the very first week of May to recognize the important role that drinking water plays in our lives. People during this week also highlight the professionalism of the water professionals who ensure that people get pure drinking water in their tap whenever they need it.

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.

W. H. Auden

Keeping Tap Water Healthy And Safe In This Drinking Water Week

In this Drinking Water Week, we must talk about how the water professionals are keeping the tap water safe and healthy. Talking about the great achievements of the 20th century, we must mention that delivering healthy and safe drinking water is, no doubt, one of the biggest public health accomplishments. Millions of Americans get access to safe and healthy drinking water due to water treatment. It is a special method that is basically used to mitigate the chemicals and germs that cause illness.

The government has reduced the pollution emitted from water bodies that have been supplying pure drinking water for years. However, we must understand that water treatment is a very critical process. There are certain aspects that can make drinking water contaminated.

  • Drinking water can become contaminated in its original source.
  • Inadequate or poor water treatment can also make drinking water contaminated.
  • Drinking water gets contaminated in the storage tanks.
  • It can also get contaminated in the distribution systems such as the water pipes that deliver water to apartments, schools, businesses, and homes.

Role Of CDC And Drinking Water Week

As we are talking about Drinking Water Week, we must highlight the role of the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are addressing the water challenges through various programs, water-related research, and many more.

The research done by CDC is playing an impactful role. See the following points to know the outcomes

  • Due to the outcomes of their research, advanced laboratories have been developed in order to monitor, test and sample the water quality.
  • Evaluating the quality of water in public water systems.
  • Estimating direct healthcare costs, deaths, hospitalizations, and waterborne illness.

BC Water And Waste Association

BC Water And Waste Association has a very inextricable connection with this Drinking Water Week. It is basically a Canadian not-for-profit organization that has more than 4700 members. This organization represents those people who are working every day to deliver safe and clean drinking water. Talking about the members, well, it includes suppliers, researchers, regulatory staff, government policymakers, consultants, engineers, utility managers and facility operators.  The BC Water And Waste Association provides advocacy, networking and professional development in order to ensure that the water system is at its best.

Know Why Our Body Needs Water In This Drinking Water Week

Conserving and protecting drinking water is an integral part of this Drinking Water Week. But, along with this, you should also know why our body needs water. See the following points to know more about it:

  • Forms Mucus And Saliva: Well, you probably know that saliva helps to digest foods and apart from this, it keeps the eyes, nose and mouth moist. Thus, it prevents damage and friction. Water forms mucus and saliva in our body and so, you need to drink plenty of water.
  • Lubricates The Joint: Well, the cartilage that is generally found in the spine and joints consists of 80% of water. Therefore, you must drink water in order to keep it hydrated. Otherwise, the shock-absorbing ability of the joints will be reduced. Ultimately, it can lead to joint pain.
  • Cushions Spinal Cord, Brain And Other Tissues: You might be thinking that dehydration can cause only minor problems. But, it can actually damage brain function and structure. It also has an inextricable connection with neurotransmitters and hormone production. Long-term dehydration can reduce your thinking capability.

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