Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day is one of the most important as well as salient events in the history of Canada. Well, it is basically a weekly awareness event that people observe throughout the second week of February. However, if we specifically talk about the Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day, people observe it every year on the 12th of February. So, February is coming and so is the Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day. It is undoubtedly one of the most important events. The core objective of this event is to raise public awareness of reproductive and sexual health. In addition to this, there are different non-profit institutions and organizations come forward to promote the essential resources that can improve the overall community health in Canada.

Sex education, including its spiritual aspects, should be part of a broad health and moral education

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Importance Of Sexual And Reproductive Health Education

Well, it is very important to provide proper sexual and reproductive health education. The organizations can come forward on the Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day to educate people about this. Through this sexual and reproductive health education. People will be able to know about the skills and information that they should have in order to live a healthy life. When people will acquire knowledge, they will have the option to highlight the big issues such as gender-based violence, discrimination, and many more. In addition to this, people will be able to identify the main causes of negative health results.

People will get the right information through which. They can take care of their bodies in a more efficient way with the help of sex education. Such kind of education also plays a very important role in the process of making society a better place for everyone. It promotes equality and therefore, everyone in the society can feel safe; there will not be any discrimination and violence. People learn various skills through which they can maintain a healthy relationship. With the help of sexual and reproductive health education.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education And Sexual And Reproductive Health Awareness Day

Well, Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day and comprehensive sexuality education are inextricably related to each other. Well, sexuality has social, physical, emotional and cognitive aspects. This comprehensive sexuality education highlights these aspects of sexuality. The young people and children will gain skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that will empower them for realizing their dignity, well-being, and health. Comprehensive sexuality education helps to develop respectful sexual and social relationships.

If we analyse the present situation, we will get to know that there are many people who have received conflicting and confusing information. Regarding sex and relationships during their transition from the childhood stage to adulthood stage. Therefore, they need proper information in order to achieve a fulfilling, productive and safe life. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is also known as CSE provides phased and age-appropriate education. On gender equality, reproduction, relationships, sexual behaviors, prevention of ill health and human rights to young people and children. In addition to these, the Comprehensive Sexuality Education provides a golden opportunity. Through which they can present sexuality with a strong and positive approach. Moreover, they learn to emphasize certain values such as non-discrimination, inclusions, respect, reciprocity, responsibility, empathy and equality.

Action Canada For Sexual Health And Rights

Well, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is very closely associated with the Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day. It is the day when sensible people across the nation come forward to raise awareness about reproductive and sexual health. In addition to this, it promotes various resources that will help the people to elevate the community health in Canada to a different level.

There are various youth-friendly health cares that believe that the young generation must have access to information regarding sexual and reproductive health. They need non-judgemental, open, trauma-informed conversations about sexual health, sexuality, and sex.

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is a kind of charity organization that is upholding as well as advancing sexual and reproductive health in Canada. Well, they are also working globally to promote this education. The organization provides information, referrals, and direct support to needy people. They utilize a movement-building and collaborative approach to educate people about inclusive sex education, LGBTQ rights, gender equality, and many more.

Role Of Fundraisers

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is working hard to promote sexual and reproductive health education. But, if you are a fundraiser, you can help this organization. You can organize your own customized fundraising drive to educate people about sexual and reproductive health education. They can also raise donations using the best fundraising sites. In addition to this, these fundraisers ask for donations and the supporters can contribute by making a donation through the online donation software.

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