Donor app is helping the donors to prevent suicide in Canada. Suicide prevention is required in Canada. According to survey, suicide has become one of the leading causes of death in Canada. It is mostly seen among the people belong to the adolescent stage. In order to highlight this health crisis, social workers must come forward to organize awareness drive. In addition to this, a proper framework to prevent suicide is also required. However, after the emergence of this lockdown situation due to the COVI-19, most people are living in their houses. There are many people who have become completely isolated due to this situation. Moreover, people have also lost their jobs. Amid this situation, the suicidal tendency has got a major acceleration. The number of such incidents has been increased. Online giving app is very important.

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Fortunately, there are many resources available such as local non-profit organizations, national hotlines number and many more. You can easily get involved and develop a sense of awareness among the people to prevent suicides through these ways.

Donor App: Resources Available For Suicide Prevention

Well, friends and families are always there. But, sometimes, the mentally disturbed person does not go to them as they can be judgmental. Moreover, things might get more complicated in such a situation. Fortunately, there are safe places that are judgment-free as well. These resources are always there to help. However, if you know someone who is suffering from mental problem, you can help that person with the help of the following resources. Donor app is really helping the Canadians.

Suicide Prevention Hotlines

  • Crisis Services Canada is one of the national hotline numbers. They are available in French and English. You will also get to know about the database of resources that are available in your region. You can call this number to get support- 1-833-456-4566. They are available 24/7
  • Hope for Wellness Help Line is another national hotline number working for suicide prevention. They are also available 24×7. The counselors working in this organization are highly professional. They can experienced and culturally component. As a result, they will be able to provide top-notch support through online platforms and telephone.
  • Kids Help Phone is one of the best national hotline service numbers working 24×7. They are helping people who belong to childhood stage, and adolescent stage. Even, people belong to late adolescent stage also come under their radar. Kids Help Phone connects to the people who are suffering through text and phone. They provide high-quality text-based and calling support to the mentally affected people. You can get in touch with dialing this number- 1-800-668-6868

World Suicide Prevention Day And Donor App

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on 10th September every year. You can organize fundraising or crowdfunding program on this day to mitigate the number of suicides. You can donate the amount to any Canadian charity working for people suffering from mental problems. In addition to this, you can encourage your family members, friends and relatives to make a donation to the Canadian charity that are working for the people who are mentally unstable. Fulfill your fundraiser goal on the World Suicide Prevention Day and mitigate the suicidal tendency among people in Canada. Donor app is playing important role.

Support Various Charities

Well, as a donor, you can bring a lot of change to the society. You can support the local charities by making a donation using the online giving app or donor app. There are many churches that are also helping people suffering from mental illness. Nowadays, church leaders are taking advantages of the online giving app. You will not have to participate in any offline crowdfunding drive for donating money. You can help the churches through the mobile giving app or donor app.

Raise Funds For Charities Through Donor App

Well, if you think that you are not economically stable, you can raise funds for the charities. Yes, the online fundraising platforms allow you to conduct your customized suicide prevention fundraising drive online. Nowadays, many platforms are offering free mobile donation app or donor app. You can tell the donors to donate to your charity using those applications. It will make the donation process easier. Moreover, if you see the present era, people are staying home to keep themselves protected. Amid this situation, if they get a chance to help the society online, they will definitely come forward. You will have to inspire the community so that they step forward and make a good donation for the suicide prevention.

Host Online Program To Inspire People

Well, you can host online program through which you can motivate people so that they step ahead to help the mentally troubled people in this difficult situation. There are many organizations that are helping these people. You can host online program and ask for donation to the people. After that, you can transfer the donation amount to the account of those non-profit organizations.

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