People living in the first world take sneakers, jeans, bananas, and coffee for granted. But, there are so many people living in developing nations that are not as lucky as people living in the developed nations. It is a fact that every day thousands of people living in various South American, African, and Asian countries are working in almost unbearable conditions to earn pennies. They are working hard so that people living in developed nations can continue to enjoy the required things. But, the problem is that most producers are not getting what they deserve. There are people who think that every worker or producer deserves proper working conditions and decent wages regardless of nations and these people actually created World Fair Trade Day.

That’s at the root of the human interaction: fair trade

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World Fair Trade Day is an international event and every year, people living in Canada observe this event on 8th May. Highlighting the achievements and objectives of the Fair Trade Movement is something that people do on this day. Well, Fair Trade Day is all about improving the lives of the small producers and workers living in the sphere of developing economics. It can be done by raising the visibility of those workers within and asserting the rights within the international trade. Consumers all over the world come forward and choose Fair Trade alternatives to the existing products. This is how consumers participate in this World Fair Trade Day.

Background Of World Fair Trade Day

Well, we are talking about World Fair Trade Day and so, we cannot miss the history of this great event. It was in 2004 when the World Fair Trade Organization also known as WFTO created World Fair Trade Day. Now, the World Fair Trade Organization was established in 1989. So, after 15 years, this organization started this event. Talking about WFTO, it is an international association consisting of more than 324 organizations. We cannot deny the fact that economic crisis and climate change are bringing negative impacts upon the world’s populations. World Fair Trade Day is a kind of worldwide festival that people celebrate to fight exploitation and poverty.

There are a few priorities of this organization. These are as follows:

  • Creating positive changes for the economically backward producers
  • Fair trading practices
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Follow the fair price while making payment
  • Ensuring no forced labour and child labour
  • Commitment to gender equity, freedom of association, and non-discrimination
  • Providing capacity building
  • Ensuring positive working ambiances
  • Respect towards the environment
  • Promoting the fair trade

World Fair Trade Organization understands the need for a sustainable and fair economy globally as well as locally. People should encourage fair trading so that it creates golden opportunities for disadvantaged and small producers. The ecosystem of fair trading promotes sustainable livelihoods. On this World Fair Trade Day, millions of policymakers, businesses, traders, and producers step forward and contribute to the substantial growth of fair trading.

Fair Trade Canada

Fair Trade Canada has an inextricable connection with World Fair Trade Day. It is a small part of the entire fair trade movement. Every year, people in Canada observe this event on the 2nd Saturday in the month of May. Well, it encompasses

  • Millions of textile, agricultural and small-scale farmers
  • Millions of businesses across the globe are fully dedicated to bringing a positive change by promoting a fair trading system
  • Enabling certification system like Fair-trade

For Fair Trade Canada, this day is a kind of movement. They celebrate to honor the accomplishments and they acknowledge the works that still need improvements. Fair Trade Canada advocates the thriving workers and farmers’ communities so that they can have a bright future. Talking about fair-trade certification, it creates a significant difference in the lives of the workers and farmers, their communities, and their families.

How To Observe The World Fair Trade Day

It is very important to understand the definition of Fair Trade. In the case of fair trading, the producers in the developing nations get a fair price for their efforts by the companies and organizations in the developed nations. In other words, it is a kind of trading between the producers and workers in developing nations and companies in the developed countries. Now, talking about the observance of this World Fair Trade Day, well, you can do a lot of things to make this event more efficient. You can use social sites to raise awareness about fair trading. Yes, you can share posts regarding the main objectives of World Fair Trade Day.

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