Canada has a democratic and free society and the people across the nation follow the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Now, talking about National Law Day, it has a very inextricable connection with these freedoms and rights. People in Canada observe National Law Day on the 17th of April. They basically celebrate the signing of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. People on this day come forward and many organizations conduct various events. They do it to let people learn about the legal profession, legal institutions, and law.

The juries are our judges of all fact, and of law when they choose it.

Thomas Jefferson

These things are very important as they form Canadian democracy’s cornerstone. If we briefly talk about the background of National Law Day, we must highlight the signing event. The event took place on 17th April 1982. The Signing event took place between Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth II. Well, Charter of Rights and Freedoms added. Talking about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it basically guarantees the freedoms and fundamental rights of the Canadian people.

Canadian Bar Association And The National Law Day

As we are talking about National Law Day, we must mention the name of the Canadian Bar Association. Well, talking about this association, it is the voice and leader of the legal profession of Canada. Thus, this organization always promotes a fair and proper justice system. Apart from this, this organization facilitates efficient law reform. Moreover, this organization sustains equality in the ecosystem of the legal profession. They always give preference to fair justice and therefore, they indulge themselves in the process of eliminating the entire discrimination from this ecosystem.

Well, this organization also provides proper information and efficient training to the people who have an inextricable connection with the legal profession. If we talk about the Manitoba Bar Association, it actually represents 1,400 lawyers, law students, law teachers, notaries, and judges living across Manitoba. Moreover, many practicing lawyers are members of this organization.

National Law Day And Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

National Law Day is all about the celebration of the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So, you can understand that both these things have an inextricable connection. The Charter is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the Constitution of Canada. The constitution tells how the country operates. It tells the power of territorial, provincial and federal governments. Thus, the Charter consists of the freedoms and rights that every person in Canada has. It does not matter whether you are a permanent Canadian citizen or a newcomer, you have all the rights and freedoms mentioned in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Well, the Charter basically protects the freedoms and fundamental rights of the people living in Canada. It applies to territorial, provincial and federal governments. It provides protection to the following:

  • Equality rights
  • Legal rights
  • Right to seek employment and right to live
  • Democratic rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Rights of the indigenous people
  • Multicultural heritage of Canada.

Fundamental Freedoms

As we are talking about National Law Day, we must talk about fundamental freedoms. They are Freedom of religion and conscience, Freedom of expression, opinion, belief and thought, Freedom of peaceful assembly, and Freedom of association.

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