Autism that is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder is a kind of neurodevelopmental disorder. It is basically characterized by communication disturbances and social functioning. Some major symptoms of this disorder can include repetitive movements, unresponsiveness, intense focus on any particular item and many more. Anyway, talking about World Autism Month, people across the globe observe this health event in the month of April. Throughout this World Autism Month, people mainly focus on sharing stories of the people who are suffering from this neurodevelopmental disorder. It also provides opportunities that basically increase the acceptance and understanding of the people suffering from Autism. Here, we have made a brief breakdown of this health event. Therefore, if you do not know have any concrete idea about this event, you are in the right place. So, have a look at the following points:

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Know More About Autism In The World Autism Month

Autistic people can have different types of problems. For those, who are not familiar with this term, well, autistic is a person who suffers from a neurobehavioral condition. This condition is actually called Autism. Now, you might be wondering what exactly Autism is. Well, it can be a tricky question as Autism can be a lot of things. This is why it is very essential to know more about this disorder in this World Autism Month. Health professionals refer to this condition as Autism Spectrum Dysfunction due to its variety and diversity of symptoms. For example, the symptoms of one person suffering from Autism can be different from another autistic.

Analysis Of The Symptoms

However, when it comes to analyzing the symptoms of this disorder, well, there can be three different types of Autism- social interaction challenges, deviant responsiveness and difficulty in communication, cognitive dysfunction and insensitivity or over sensitivity. Well, a tendency to engage in repetitive behavior throughout life on a daily basis is one of the major symptoms of this disease. It may involve pacing, head rocking, hand flipping and many more.

For example, if you are autistic, you will never feel comfortable in social circles. Apart from this, you will not go out with friends. Moreover, you will feel panic in social gatherings. So, these are all about the social interaction challenges. Now, talking about the second main symptom, well, you will have problems assessing how your words or actions will affect the other person psychologically. As a result, you will become less responsive. During the conversation, you cannot focus on what the other person saying as the background noise will hit your mind so hard. You will not have the potentiality to assess the hidden meaning in conversations. So, this is all about the deviant responsiveness and difficulty in communication.

Important Facts About Autism And World Autism Month

There are certain facts that have a very close association with this disorder. Therefore, it is very essential to know about them in this World Autism Month. Well, Autism is known to affect 1 in every 60 individuals with boys at 5 times more risk to be autistic than girls. Well, it is believed that a cocktail of genetic environmental and psychological factors contribute towards autism. Autism is broadly divided into three major types-

  • Classical or Kanner’s Autism: Well, another name of classical or Kanner’s Autism is severe autism. This type usually covers the low functioning autism. In this case, autistic have the same but more severe symptoms along with certain other developmental disorders. A very low IQ, loss of cognition, speech, antisocial behavior and mental retardation are some symptoms of this autism.
  • Asperger’s Syndrome: Health professionals call Asperger’s syndrome high function autism. It tends to have the basic symptoms with low severity so that the individuals suffering from it have a very good chance at a normal life. Asperger’s syndrome refers to high levels of IQ with individuals that may lag in certain daily races of life. They are super smart at stuff that appears to be very difficult for another person.
  • Pervasive Development Disorder: Well, this is typical autism. It usually involves more sociological and behavioral associated deviations. It is a rather less studied type of autism.

Role Of Fundraisers

Well, as of now, you have got a concrete idea about autism. Now, if you are a fundraiser and want to make this World Autism Month more effective, you can do a lot of things. Yes, if you are into fundraising, you will have a lot of options to help people suffering from this physical disorder. First of all, you can use online fundraising platforms to conduct a fundraising program. Apart from this, you can help those non-profit organizations that are helping people suffering from this disorder.

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