Did you know that optimism can increase the overall physical condition? Living in this complicated yet technologically flourished era, people have become really busy follow their unstable as well as hectic routine. Amid this situation, keeping yourself in an optimistic mood can be difficult. In spite of having a complicated lifestyle, you must keep your physical condition in good shape. This is where World Health Day comes into play. People all over the world observe World Health Day on the 7th of April every year. This is the day when people across the countries come forward and take initiatives to build a healthier and fairer world. If we talk about recent years, many western counties have seen remarkable growth in the economic sector. It actually created a lot of opportunities for giving a better lifestyle to a lot of people. However, the present pandemic situation is hampering this growth.

Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it, and watch the whole transform.

Rene Descartes

Well, World Health Day comes under the big umbrella of the World Health Organization. It was on the 7th of April, 1950 when the World Health Organization first organized the World Health Assembly. This day brings a golden opportunity so that this organization gives full importance to global health every year. There is a total of 11 official international health campaigns that come under the big umbrella of the World Health Organization and World Health Day is one of them.

Facts And Figures Associated With The World Health Day

There are certain facts and figures that have an inextricable connection with World Health Day. These are as follows:

  • Almost 60% of people living in some counties are not getting the essential health services.
  • Almost 1 million people spending their lives in slum areas are dealing with various health problems. These people are exposed to coronavirus and many more deadly diseases.
  • If we talk about the Asia-Pacific region, more than 5 million children are not returning to school due to heavy disruption in the educational sector. Apart from this, the economic condition of those people is also disrupted due to this pandemic situation.
  • Again, if we talk about the Asia-Pacific region, almost 52% population is not getting the convenience of the internet.

Ways To Celebrate World Health Day At Work

As of now, you have got a concrete conception of World Health Day. Now, the good thing is that you will not have to skip your office to observe this day. There are several ways through which you can observe this international health event at work. So, run into the following points.

  • Ask Your Colleagues Or Employees To Bring Healthy Meal And Share Healthy Recipe On This Day: We know that we are living in the era of fast foods. But, these foods are rich in sugar, salt, and fat. Those things will increase the blood pressure and you will suffer from heart disease and many more physical problems. Anyway, you can change this trend on this day. You can ask your employees to bring a healthy meal on this day. Well, you can also tell your employees to make it a habit. Apart from this, people at the office can share any healthy recipe with their colleagues.
  • Share Your Workout Routine With Colleagues: Apart from following a healthy diet, you should also give importance to physical workout. The combination of a healthy diet and a regular workout will definitely keep you in positive shape. So, sharing a workout routine with your colleagues will be a great way to observe World Health Day.
  • Educate Others About Healthy Lifestyle: Well, if you are following a healthy lifestyle, you should definitely share it with others. Moreover, if you have any special tricks regarding this, you can share them with others as well. There are many home remedies that most people do not know. If you have concrete knowledge about it, you can share it with others.

Activities That You Can Do

There are certain activities that you can do on World Health Day. These are as follows:

  • Make A Donation: Making a donation to non-profit organizations is one of the best things that you can do on this day. Well, you can donate nutritious foods to needy people. Moreover, you can financially help needy families. You can also work as a volunteer for many non-profit organizations on this day.
  • Get A Physical Check-Up: It is very important to get a physical check-up in order to keep an eye on your physical health. You might be busy throughout the year but, you can mark this day for doing this.
  • Participate In Running Campaign: Well, you can take part in the various running campaign on this day.

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