Earth Hour is undoubtedly one of the most important events and people all over the world come forward to observe this event. Every year, in the month of March, people observe this event on the very last Saturday. It is a very special event where people highlight the issues that our planet is facing. On the very last Saturday in the month of March, people across the globe observe this event at 8:30 pm. Yes, they do it in the dark so that they can bring light to society. Well, Earth Hour is a kind of international movement and it is the World Wide Fund for Nature that organized this movement. The duration of this event is only one hour but it brings a permanent positive impact upon society.

Climate change is the greatest threat to our existence in our short history on this planet.

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Talking about the observance of this event, people generally turn off the electric lights that are mainly non-essential on the very last Saturday of March. They observe this event for only one hour. It starts at 8:30 pm and ends at 9:30 pm. People across the globe show their commitment to the earth. Yes, they turn off the electric lights that are non-essential and celebrate this moment with candles.

Know More About The Earth Hour

Earth Hour is one of the remarkable events highlighting the problems that our planet is experiencing every day. It is a kind of one-hour event but, it has an everlasting effect. If we talk about the background, it was started in 2007 in Australia. People in Sydney started this event by turning off the non-essential lights for a specific period. Initially, this event was considered as a lights-off event. The foremost objective of this event is to give importance to the benefits of energy consumption. In addition to this, this day also highlights how this energy consumption can bring a positive impact on the environment.

Well, you might be wondering why this day has been chosen to observe this event. The last Saturday of March is considered a holy day and people also call it by different names such as Easter Eve, Glorious Saturday, Hallelujah Saturday, Black Saturday, Great Sabbath and, Great and Holy Saturday. So, people make this day more special by observing the Earth Hour on this day. People have already experienced the deadly consequences of the Earth Hour. One of the foremost objectives of this event is to reduce the impact the climate change. Thus, we can save our planet.

Observe The Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a kind of awareness event and millions of people all over the planet join this movement to raise awareness among the people about the issues that our planet is facing. From the name, you have understood that it is a kind of hourly event. But, the value and the outcome of this event have an everlasting appeal. It is a movement to make our future better for everyone. Most people consider this event as a ‘symbol of support’. But, it is more than that; yes, it works as a catalyst in the process of bringing positive change in our society.

People have already experienced the value of this event and this is why they observe it every year. But, due to this pandemic situation, people in the year 2020 observed this event in a different way. They did this from their homes using various online platforms. It does not matter where you are, you can still create a positive impact. Speaking up for nature and bringing the attention of the people to the main problems that our planet is facing are certain things that you can do on this day. Darkness might be the symbol of negativity but, this time on the Earth Hour, it can actually bring positivity to our planet. People turn off the non-essential lights. Apart from this, you can even encourage people to come forward on this day. Turning off the lights of an entire building, and streets can be a great gesture to draw the public attention.

Role Of Fundraisers

Do you know fundraisers can actually make this event more impactful? First of all, they can organize various activities during this event to encourage more people. Fundraisers can conduct various fundraising projects to help those organizations that are working to make this nature a better place for everyone. Apart from this, they can encourage people so that they can turn the non-essential electric lights off. Moreover, people can organize a candlelight dinner party with friends and family members. Looking at the stars during the Earth Hour and making resolutions are certain things that people can do. People can also make a commitment to mitigating the overall carbon footprint.

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