Social Work Week is one of the most salient events. It is, no doubt, playing an impactful role in society and people across the country observe this special week in March. Yes, March, the third month of the year marks Social Work Week. If we talk about it more specifically, they basically observe this in the first week of the month. In 2020, the event started on the 2nd of March and it ended on the 8th of March. Anyway, talking about the aim and objective of this week, we must tell that people across the nation give preference to this week in order to recognize the compassion, dedication and hard work of the social workers.

The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others.

Gordon B. Hinckley

Social Work Week Ontario

Well, people living in Ontario observe the Social Work Week. Throughout the first week of March, people in Ontario honor the strength and compassion of the caring professionals. Living in this modern era, we must admit that social workers are bringing a positive impact across the settings and systems. It was actually the theme of the Social Work Week in the year 2020. Yes, it was actually, “Social Workers: Leading Positive Change Across Systems and Settings”.

Social workers are playing the role of frontline warriors in Ontario. Yes, they help people in Ontario who are actually dealing with different types of issues. Moreover, it includes social abuse, bullying, caregiver stress, addictions, family violence, etc. Social workers are trained professionals. First, they identify the cause of the problem after that, they help them in such a way so that they can cope up with the situation. The social workers help needy people in the process of developing some coping skills. In addition to these, these caring professionals provide them with the required resources.

When it comes to observing the Social Work Week Ontario, we must mention the name of the Ontario Nurses Association. The highly professional social workers of this association play a very important role in the process of enhancing the health-care system. Moreover, they improve the overall quality of life of the people living in Ontario.

Ontario Association Of Social Workers And Social Work Week

Well, the Social Work Week has a very inextricable relation with the Ontario Association Of Social Workers. The Ontario Social Work Association is also known as OASW. It is a kind of bilingual organization that also provides the voice for the caring professionals in Ontario. If we minutely talk about the organization, it has almost 15 branches across this province. Apart from this, the Ontario Association Of Social Workers has almost 6300 members. So, what does the Ontario Association Of Social Workers do? Well, we have highlighted it below:

  • Ontario Association Of Social Workers highlights the concerns and the interests of the social workers.
  • They advocate for bringing positive change in the social programs and social policies that are actually affecting the social work operations.
  • This association articulates the contribution and value of this profession to the employers, stakeholders, government, and public.

Mission And Values                                                     

Talking about the mission of the Ontario Association of Social Workers, they basically seek to

  • Expand or stretch the value of these caring professionals in our society
  • Develop a strong relationship in order to advance this profession of the social workers

If we talk about the values, this association will do the following things:

  • Embrace the inclusivity and diversity
  • Make transparent, evidence-based, and ethical decisions
  • Advancing the innovation of the social works

How You Can Celebrate The Social Work Week

Well, there are various ways through which one can celebrate this Social Work Week. Yes, go through the following points to know more about it:

  • As a sensible citizen, you can host online or virtual events or seminars. Yes, you can choose any relevant topic and then organize a webinar on that topic. You must choose a topic that shows the contribution of the social workers.
  • As a CEO or director of any organization, you can announce the Social Work Week in the first week of March. Moreover, you can ask your employees to conduct various awareness campaigns. Moreover, they can make a donation through a mobile donation app to any non-profit organization working for the social workers.
  • Let people know about the information that is inextricably related to Social Work Week.
  • You can partner with any leading association and conduct education events. Thus, people will be able to know about the important social work programs.

Role Of Fundraisers

Fundraisers can organize virtual crowdfunding campaign. Yes, living in this technologically advanced era, you will easily find many platforms that are helping fundraisers to arrange online giving drives. Moreover, these platforms allow the donors to make a donation through the online giving app. The fundraisers can donate this to any non-profit association or any leading organization that is working for the social workers.

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