Weedless Wednesday is an inextricable part of the National Non-Smoking Week in Canada. We know that National Non-Smoking Week is an important Canadian event. The fundraising organizations come forward during this week and they organize fundraising drives to spread awareness. People must know the dangerous aspects of tobacco products. However, when it comes to helping people to quit smoking, Weedless Wednesday plays a very important role. It is a specific day of that week when the addicted people try to refrain from smoking. Well, it is the Wednesday when people addicted to tobacco products try to keep themselves weedless. This is why it is called Weedless Wednesday.

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Quit Smoking On Weedless Wednesday

Weedless Wednesday is undoubtedly one of the important points of the National Non-Smoking Week. It is the day media focuses on the benefits of smoking cessation. The foremost objective of this event is to encourage people to quit smoking. Well, the National Non-Smoking Week is a weekly event and it might be difficult for smokers to quit smoking for an entire week. But, when it comes to restraining from smoking for one day, they can easily cope up with this. They would give much preference to a smoke-free day instead of a smoke-free week.

Well, Weedless Wednesday might sound progressive. But, quitting smoking for one day will not bring the desired outcome. People will have to realize how it is affecting health. Well, the non-profit organization can organize different fundraising activities and online drive to tell the people more about this. But, before getting into the role of the non-profit organization, you must go through how smoking is pushing people towards the gate of death.

  • Tobacco products consist of tar that causes cancer. Therefore, people who have been consuming tobacco products for a long period of time will suffer from lung cancer.
  • It does not matter whether you are smoking tobacco or cannabis; these products irritate our respiratory system.
  • Heavy or excessive cannabis smoking can reduce your energy level. You will not feel motivated while working. Ultimately, it will reduce your productivity.
  • You might suffer from schizophrenia if you are a heavy smoker.
  • Smoking can also affect the information processing system in our brain. Over the course of time, you will lose your memory strength.

National Non-Smoking Week

It was all started with the National Non-Smoking Week in Canada in 1977. People observe this event throughout the third week of January. When it comes to coordinating this entire event, the Canadian Council For Tobacco Control plays a very important role. The main objectives of this week are as follows:

  • Many organizations work throughout this week to educate the people in Canada about the side-effects of consuming tobacco products.
  • Organizations educate the young generation so that they do not get addicted to smoking or tobacco products.
  • The foremost objective of this entire week is to help people in quitting their smoking habit.
  • Many organizations also try to disperse the growth of the tobacco industry.

Role Of Fundraisers- Weedless Wednesday

Well, Weedless Wednesday is the most important day of this week. Social workers, NGOs, and many non-profit organizations have become very active to make this day completely smoke-free. However, if we consider the present situation, people will not be able to come out due to the pandemic situation. As a result, conducting offline non-smoking drive is almost impossible. However, online fundraising sites can help fundraisers in this regard. They can do their non-smoking drive online with the help of the charity fundraising sites.

If you want to help society on this Weedless Wednesday, you will have to do something unique to get the attraction of the people. If you don’t get a good number of supporters, you will not be able to make your online fundraising drive successful. We at Werbylo understand the concept of online fundraising very well. This is why we have explained some good fundraising ideas for you.

Host Online Non-Smoking Fundraising Drive To Help The Affected People

Well, people have been suffering from some serious physical problems across the country due to smoking. You can raise money to help people addicted to smoking. There are many fundraising websites with no fees such as Werbylo. You can use this website to organize an online non-smoking fundraising drive. Moreover, you can share the fundraising link with your friends and relatives. You can tell them to share it on social networking platforms. Thus, you will get a good support. After raising money, you can donate it to the charity that is helping the people affected by tobacco products.

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