People in this modern era have already forgotten the importance of arts and culture. Well, the digital world is responsible for this; it has mitigated the impact of the arts and culture from the lives of the common people. This is why living in this modern era, people should take Arts And Culture Week very seriously. It is a week that takes place in the month of April. People across the nation observe the Arts and Culture week every year in the fourth week of April. It is a very significant week because, during this week, many organizations come forward and encourage people so that they can take part in various arts activities and programs. This week gives them a golden opportunity so that they can learn something new regarding arts and culture. Moreover, it also enhances the creative skill and people become socially active during this week.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton.

Arts And Culture Week And British Columbia Arts Council

As we are talking about Arts And Culture Week, we must mention the name of the British Columbia Arts Council. It was in 1995 when the British Columbia Arts Council was created. It comes under the British Columbia Province and it was set up as per the Arts Council Act. Talking about the objective of the British Columbia Arts Council, it basically supports and nurtures cultural and arts activities in communities across BC Province. The British Columbia Arts Council organizes various arts and cultural programs. Apart from this, this organization also encourages communities and educates the communities and artists about the latest programs and policies. British Columbia Arts Council also supports music festivals, local museums, art galleries, cultural organizations, indigenous artists, professional art companies, and individual artists.

Understanding The Values Of Arts And Culture

Arts And Culture week is very significant and it is very important that we understand the value of arts and culture. We cannot deny the fact that the debate over the value and impact of arts and culture has occupied some of the greatest minds. Now, a comprehensive report brings a fresh perspective to the issue. The understanding of the value of arts and culture reports is very significant. Arts and culture play a very significant role in the growth of the economy of any nation. Various societal benefits will be gained through arts and culture.

Arts represent a form of individual expression that is a sort of bulwark for any democratic society. It is representative of human engagement with ideas. To have our autonomy, to be able to become ourselves, arts provide an opportunity to have the experience that we are independent human beings. A song or a painting might have been created for a purpose such as entertainment, social justice, or recreation. Artistic freedom of expression is absolutely fundamental. When you find that people cannot just say and do and express what they actually feel, you already know that you are in deep trouble. Society should protect artists by not defining their role but by giving them the margin through which they can define themselves for their creativity.

Importance Of Art And Culture And Arts And Culture Week

So, in this Arts and Culture Week, one should understand the importance of art and culture. When it comes to art, people get strangely afraid to ask too directly what it might all be for. You might experience an awkward silence because most people out there do not know the answer. Well, it should not be hard to say what art is for. Arts keep us hopeful and it makes us less lonely. Apart from these, there are some other reasons why you should give importance to art and culture.

  • Share Experience With Others: Art and culture basically bring the community under one umbrella. They are an excellent source of wisdom, delight, and wonder. It offers emotional and intellectual experiences that promote either celebration or contemplation. It gives you a place where you can show your ultimate creativity.
  • Supporting The Vibrant Communities: Well, art and culture are supporting the vibrant communities. You can take part in various art and cultural activities and build social capital.
  • Encourage The Healthy Population: Well, if we talk about the roles of art and culture, encouraging a healthy population is certainly one of them. Various studies have shown that creativity and culture can enhance mental and physical health. It completely prevents social isolation and apart from this, it stimulates identity development and intercultural understanding.

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