Living in this ultra-modern era, we must not forget our culture and traditions. We should not forget that our previous generations had done a lot of things and this is why we have got this beautiful world. People in Canada observe Senior’s Month in the month of June. This is an amazing time when people across the nation recognize the contributions of senior people. Here, we are referring to older people. Yes, they have made solid contributions in communities and during Senior’s Month, many people and organizations come forward to recognize those contributions. The warm weather and blooming flower in the month of June provide a suitable backdrop in order to honour the older people.

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

Know More About Senior Citizen In This Senior’s Month

As we are talking about Senior’s Month, you must know the definition of it. Well, we have a tendency to categorize people and even, we have been doing this since the start of our civilization. If someone crosses 60, people will categorize him or her as a senior citizen. That person might not want to add that tag before his or her name but, it is the society that is creating this category. We cannot call it the biological stage; it is only a social construct. These people are often called seniors, senior citizens, older adults, the elders or elderly, the autumn of life, the evening of life, the Golden age, the winter of life, and many more.

These terms hold a patronizing tone because there are many people who do not want to be categorized as seniors or elderly at all. It is a kind of sensitive matter.

Role Of Senior Citizens Throughout History

Well, Senior’s Month provides us a time when we can highlight the contributions and achievements of elderly people. The way we are looking at older people is different from the way people used to treat them in the past. Here, we have made a timeline in order to give you a good idea.

  • Ancient Times: During ancient times, a few people could reach the age of 70. The average lifespan of people was only 50. People showed respect to those who crossed 40. They considered weak people as a burden. Most of the time, those people were ignored, and sometimes, they were even killed. It was not the age that determined the ‘old’ category. It was their loss of capability to perform tasks that made them old people.
  • Classic Greek And Roman Cultures: During this time, people consider old age as a stage of decrepitude and decline. On the other side, youth, strength, and beauty used to receive the highest value. The Athenians during the time of Aristotle did not like the people who belonged to ‘old age. They would often go against them.
  • Medieval Of Period: During the Medieval period and even during the time of Renaissance, the elderly people did not get enough respect and recognition. There was always an antagonist approach towards them. Depending upon the circumstances, they could be put to death, honored, despised, and respected.
  • Modern Period: Talking about the modern period, the life expectancy has become 79 for men, and for women, it is almost 83. In this era, people at this age suffer from financial constraints, and therefore, they cannot live independently. Some old people are forced to join retirement communities.

Know The Contributions Of Senior People In This Senior’s Month

Knowing the contributions of senior people is very important. Otherwise, you will start ignoring them. Senior’s Month is all about recognizing the contributions and achievements of older people. The respect and treatment of older people vary from culture to culture. There are Eastern and Western countries where people dismiss these people as they cannot make any active contributions. They only need care. However, the stiff joints and grey hairs people are not completely useless. They are a rich source of experience and if you listen to them and learn from them, it will lead you towards success. The importance of these people is not limited to feeding, cooking, storytelling, and babysitting grandchildren, they can still give the communities something valuable.

The good thing is that time is changing and so is the mindset. People are now protecting the older generations out of a strong sense of duty, respect, and love. People from different backgrounds are taking care of the old generations. It is a fact that we can learn a lot of things from them and if we do not show respect and love towards them, our next generation will do the same treatment with us.

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