Did you know that community living can actually increase the overall life expectancy? According to a survey, men can live 10 years more whereas women can live 15 years more if they indulge themselves in community activities. However, here, we are talking about Community Living Month. It is a kind of province-wide initiative that people observe every year in May. It symbolizes a unifying message that consists of inclusion for all the people living with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Every year, in the month of May, various community living organizations celebrate inclusion across the provinces in diverse ways.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

Helen Keller

If we talk about the purposes of Community Living Month, it has mainly two purposes. First, it is an opportunity to celebrate the talents, skills, and abilities of the people. Secondly, it has an educational aspect. A person should not be defined by his disabilities. Disability is nothing but a characteristic of that individual. In this Community Living Month, people and many organizations step forward to help these people and give importance to the inclusive communities.

Celebration Of Community Living Month In Ontario

People all over Ontario celebrate Community Living Month in May. They highlight the success of inclusive communities consisting of people with various developmental disabilities. You might be surprised to know that there are more than a hundred community living organizations or associations in Ontario. You will find community living organizations in many cities and towns across Ontario such as Wallaceburg, Kincardine, Hamilton, and many more. There is a board of governance in every community living organization. They are different in nature. But, if we talk about the main goal, it remains the same. These organizations work together to help the people who are living with disabilities and their family members.

It is a fact that before the arrival of the developmental services, people who have developmental disabilities were living in isolation. They do not get any sort of resources and help from others. They used to support their families alone. However, it was in 1950, when a new movement started. People wanted to start a kind of developmental support service for these people and for supporting their children. Since then, community living organizations across Ontario and many other developmental agencies started working for people with disabilities. They made this society a better place for them. Community Living Month brings an opportunity where people can celebrate inclusion. People take part in those activities through which they can help people living with developmental disabilities within their community.

  • Shine The Light On Community Living: Well, this is an inextricable part of Community Living Month. 6th May is called Shine The Light On Community Living. It is the day when people all over Ontario light up green and blue for Community Living. People put on green and blue dresses to raise awareness regarding inclusion.

Know The Benefits Of Community Living In This Community Living Month

As we are talking about Community Living Month, we must know the benefits of community living.

  • People will never feel isolated. They can go from one building to another building for healthcare, social activities, meals, and many more.
  • Senior people get peace of mind and they can live near their spouses and friends. They will get a higher level of care whenever it is required.
  • People will get lifelong and social learning opportunities.
  • People can indulge themselves in various fitness and wellness programs. It will make them mentally and physically fit.
  • It improves family relationships and lowers the stress level.

How You Can Involve                          

You can do a lot of things in this Community Living Month. Yes, you can help people living with disabilities in various ways. First of all, you can financially help them. Secondly, you can work as a volunteer for any non-profit organization. Thirdly, you can use social networking platforms to raise awareness about inclusion. You can teach people about the importance of Community Living Month. Fourthly, you can conduct fundraising campaigns in this Community Living Month. Thus, you can help the communities effectively. Moreover, you can also make a donation to any organizations that are working for people living with developmental disabilities. You can encourage your friends and family members so that they come forward and help the communities.

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