World Whale Day is one of the most important events. It is an event that people across the globe observe in the month of February. They actually observe this World Whale Day on the third Sunday of the second month of the year. On this day, people give importance to these sea mammals. Mammals are one of the most fascinating creatures living in the diverse ecosystem of the sea. Bur, over the years, people have been hunting them for oil and meat. If you consider the present situation, you will get to know that these species are facing pollution and other problems. As a result, the number of these beautiful animal is gradually decreasing. Therefore, the foremost objective of World Whale Day is to raise awareness among the public about the increasing need to protect this majestic as well as a diverse mammal.

The sea is the universal sewer.

Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer

Know More About The World Whale Day

Well, World Whale Day is one of the most important events. The lives of the sea mammals are getting hampered. Over the course of time, the number of these mammals gets reduced. Therefore, people celebrate World Whale Day so that they can increase the awareness about the need for these mammals. Well, it was in 1980 when World Whale Day was set up in Hawaii in order to honour the whale. During this time, they swim off to the coast and it is one of the most attractive aspects of the Maui Whale Festival. Every year, the Pacific Whale Foundation organizes an event where people across the globe join to celebrate this day. People indulge themselves in various costumed characters events, floating events and many more. Apart from these, you will find there are different types of events that are specially organized for the children. In addition to these, the Hawaiian music and appearance of the international stars are cherries on top.

Well, if you want to observe World Whale Day, you will not have to visit Maui every year. You can actually observe this day by encouraging the community. Yes, if you are a wildlife lover, you must show your support towards the process of whale conservation. You can inspire the local community or you can do a fundraising drive to show your support on this World Whale Day.

Understand The Importance Of Whales

Well, it is very important to understand the importance of the whales. You might be surprised to know that scientists and biologists are studying whales. They have found the environmental impact, intelligence, language, echolocation, behavior and many more important aspects of the whales. Scientists have observed how they are surviving in the rich ecosystem of the ocean. In addition to this, they have learned the social structure of the whales. Moreover, scientists are also studying how they communicate with each other. It is very important to develop a healthy society so that these mammals can survive without facing any major problem.

Well, there are different types of whale species existing in the diverse ecosystem of the sea. Most of them spend their lives together. They hunt together and protect one another. When it comes to communicating with each other, whale uses a very complicated language. The scientists are of the opinion that there is a chance that we will be able to communicate with the whale. They are trying to understand the language so that they can develop a technology through which they can at least do a short conversation with the whale. If you are a wildlife lover, you must come forward on World Whale Day and let people know about these interesting facts about the whale.

World Whale Day And Some Interesting Facts Inextricably Associated With It

It is very important to protect the whale and we have added certain reasons that will make this statement more concrete. So, don’t miss to run into the points added below:

  • Whales are playing a very important role in the process of making a healthy ocean life. They are distributing and mixing nutrients. They are actually helping in the process of dealing with the outcomes of climate change.
  • Commercial whale hunting is actually mitigating the number of whales. It must be stopped. Every year, the lives of whales are being hampered due to ship strikes, seismic testing and many more.

Role Of Fundraisers

Well, people need to know the importance of these animals and fundraisers can help in this process. They can start an awareness drive online using digital networking platforms. Moreover, they can start fundraising programs using the fundraising websites. Many organizations are working to save the whales. People should come forward to make a donation to these organizations. They can use a mobile donation app to make the contribution online.

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