Did you know that one of the largest recorded multiple births is nine babies? Well, it was in 1971 when this incident took place. Living in this advanced era, most people still do not know the actual cause of multiple pregnancies. Well, we have explained this thing here. Multiple pregnancies generally happen when a man’s sperm fertilizes more than one egg. Well, it can also happen when one egg is divided into two embryos. Consequently, it grows into two babies. In addition to this, you must know that if one egg that is fertilized splits into two, it is called twins. Well, you might be thinking why we are talking about multiple births; here, we will be talking about National Multiple Births Awareness Day.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

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People in Canada observe the National Multiple Births Awareness Day every year on 28th May. Parents of triplets, twins celebrate this special moment in a very fascinating and exaggerated manner. They do it because it is a kind of unusual thing and this is why they want to make the moment very special. Anyway, according to a report, the rate of multiple birth rates has been increased significantly since 1980. Now, talking about National Multiple Births Awareness Day, well, this brings an opportunity to educate people about the actual cause. Moreover, this is the day when many people and organizations come forward to educate parents about how to raise and take care of multiple children.

Background Of National Multiple Births Awareness Day

As we are covering National Multiple Births Awareness Day, it is very important to know how it started. It was in 2005 when Multiple Births Canada started this event. The day was selected in acknowledgment of the popular Dionne Quintuplets. They were born on 28th May 1934 in Ontario. They were the first identical quintuplets who survived. At that time, the hospital for Sick Children came forward to help the parents. They provided milk in adequate quantity for the babies. Apart from this, they delivered incubators and much more necessary equipment in order to support those babies in their initial days. Unfortunately, the early years are very challenging for those babies.

Multiple Births Canada chose this day in order to recognize the birth of Dionnes. Apart from this, the organization wanted to highlight the challenges that those babies experienced in their early years. This organization ensures that parents of multiple births children get adequate support and advocacy.

Timeline Of National Multiple Births Awareness Day

Understanding the timeline of National Multiple Births Awareness Day is very important. Here, we will be explaining this. So, have a look at the below-mentioned points:

  • 1934- This was the year when the famous Dionne quintuplets were born.
  • 1960- In 1960, Multiples of America was set up. It is the National Organization for Multiples.
  • 1980- This year refers to the introduction of IVF. In 1980, the United States introduced IVF that enhanced the overall percentage of multiple manifolds remarkably.
  • 2011- It is the year when National Multiple Birth Awareness Month was declared.

Facts About National Multiple Births

There are many unknown facts that have a close connection with National Multiple Births. On this National Multiple Births Awareness Day, it is very important that we talk about it. Here, we will be discussing it:

  • Almost 57% of twins are having a premature birth. They require a specific NICU to stay.
  • Well, identical multiples can have to go through a life-threatening condition. Doctors call it Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Occasionally, it requires laser surgery to keep things in good shape.
  • Multiple births children can have low birth weight.

Well, it is very important that parents of multiple births children get proper directions from medical professionals. It is a kind of unusual situation and the risk of a life-threatening condition makes it quite complicated. This is why doctors should deliver proper medical advice in a very timely manner. Other parents who experienced the same thing should also come forward to help the parents. Doctors call it peer support.

How To Observe National Multiple Births Awareness Day

People across Canada observe the National Multiple Births Awareness Day on 28th May. Now, if you want to take part, there are different activities that you can do. The first thing that you can do on your own is conducting an online event to spread awareness. Yes, you can publish posts regarding multiple births on social networking platforms. You can explain the facts and you can also build a community of parents of multiple births children. Along with this, you can also do fundraising programs on this day.

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