Chronic immunological and neurological diseases have become a major concern nowadays. On one side, the hectic lifestyle has made the lifestyle of the common people complicated and on the other side, these diseases are increasing the intensity of these complications. Anyway, proper awareness campaigns, early detection, and timely treatment can give people the ultimate relief. Well, this is where the International CIND Awareness Day comes into play. It is also called International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Disease. Gulf War Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are collectively called CIND or Chronic Immunological and Neurological Disease. People all over the world have been observing this health event since 1992.

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Well, research shows that these diseases are mostly misunderstood and misdiagnosed with other diseases. Therefore, it is very important to raise public awareness about these diseases. Now, you might be thinking about why the 12th of May had been chosen for the International CIND Awareness Day. Well, this date is very important because it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale who was one of the most popular figures in history. It is believed that Florence Nightingale suffered from CFS or ME.

Importance Of International CIND Awareness Day

Earlier, we have mentioned that these diseases are often misunderstood. Apart from it, doctors also consider these diseases invisible. Yes, generally, these diseases do not have any kind of visible characteristics. People who are living with these diseases will not feel any major problems. Apparently, you will see that they are physically fit. But, these diseases are very debilitating in nature. Gradually, it will make the person infirm and week. Therefore, raising awareness about these diseases is very important. Many institutions, non-profit organizations conduct awareness campaigns on the International CIND Awareness Day. Moreover, people who are living with these diseases also share their stories on this day to encourage as well as educate people. Many fundraisers run awareness campaigns on social networking platforms on the International CIND Awareness Day.

Important Facts About International CIND Awareness Day

As we are talking about International CIND Awareness Day, we must cover the facts that have a close association with this event.

  • As these diseases do not have visible characteristics, doctors call them invisible diseases. But, it can lead to disability that can badly affect different aspects of your life such as personal responsibilities, mental health, interpersonal relationships, and professional lifestyle.
  • According to Canadian Community Health Survey conducted in 2016, almost 522,000 people are suffering from FM. Almost 1,008,400 people are suffering from MCS and almost 581,600 people have CFS or ME.
  • There is no proper cure for these diseases. These diseases are very complex in nature. Depending upon the symptoms, doctors provide treatment.
  • Generally, women suffer from these diseases. But, they are also widespread among children and men.

How You Can Observe International CIND Awareness Day

International CIND Awareness Day is all about raising awareness about those invisible diseases. Well, as an individual, you can play an impactful role on this day. Many people living across the globe do not have concrete knowledge about these diseases. Thus, they do not know about the symptoms and preventive steps. Therefore, you can conduct online awareness campaigns to let these people know. Moreover, if you are a blogger, you can post articles regarding these diseases. Moreover, you can also conduct fundraising events to help various research programs regarding these diseases. There are many organizations that are providing all-around assistance to those people who are living with the disabilities of these diseases. You can donate to those organizations.

Autoimmune Disease And Chronic Neurological Conditions

It is very important to know about autoimmune disease and neurological conditions during the International CIND Awareness Day. In the case of autoimmune disease, the immune system invades our body mistakenly. Type-1 diabetes, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and many more come under this. Moreover, on the other side, the chronic neurological condition refers to nervous system disease. Examples of chronic neurological conditions are epilepsy, stroke, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more.

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